Where the hell have I been? oh right,sick, sick, sick and my kid had surgery. It started about three weeks ago. Woke up and just knew something wicked was coming on. The cough was worse than any I’d ever had and I lost my voice. For two weeks! well, almost two weeks. I certainly sounded like I should have been the one in hospital instead of the boy. I had this Janis Joplin thing happening, which apparently some people preferred over my “real” voice. what’s up with that?

His surgery went well after finally deciding what they were doing. First its tubes, then tubes and adenoids, then wait he has a runny nose so back to just tubes but low and behold his nose is perfectly clear day of so let’s do adenoids again! Make up your bloody mind would you! I have never been under so much stress. And for something as minor as tubes and adenoids. Poor boy didn’t take so well to the anesthetic either. I think he threw up about 3 times the worst of which was all over me. Seriously. You haven’t lived until your kid throws up down your shirt so that your bra gets to soak it all up. sadly that’s not even the first time that’s happened – he was a very pukey baby. That in itself is just not right, one shouldn’t have  so many memories of vomit in ones bra. Just gross.

We’re back on track now at least and I have finally gotten back to work on the two little blankets/quilts that I was supposed to finish for the 6th. yeah, oops! I had to bail on one of my best friends and missed what was probably the best baby shower ever! I suppose you could say I was saving the mother-to-be from the stress of being sick while pregnant (with twins!) so really I should be heralded right? yes. lets go with that. Pictures of the finished blankets tomorrow.

In other news. The husband lost his cell phone. fantastic.