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Looking For:

1992 Chev Cavalier, 6 cyl, standard, two door, faded red. Must have power locks, power windows and a cigarette burn in the roof liner fabric on the driver’s side. Should smell like teen spirit.

I miss that car.

Anytime my current car breaks down I think about that car. Like now.

On Saturday the fuel pump in my car decided it no longer wanted to work.


So I did what I always do. I called my brother the mechanic. I sat around for half an hour waiting for him to show up and fix it. He showed up but he didn’t fix it. What did he do? Well he….

Looked under the hood.

Checked the fuses.

Nosed around under the hood some more.

Tried to start it.

Checked more fuses.

Tried to start it.

Looked under the hood some more.

Asked me how much gas was in it (and because he knows there is an injector problem NOT because I frequently run out of gas!)

Left to buy gas and put some in the tank.

Tried to start it again.

Grabbed a 2×4 from the back of his truck and started whacking something under the car (not the starter)

Tried to start it again.

Told me he was going to give me a ride home.

(also, it was alternating between freezing cold rain and hail at this point)

I went home cold, wet and dejected. and I once again started thinking about that old red Cavalier.

Not that it didn’t have its own problems but they were minor and far between and it was essentially my first car. (even though I didn’t pay for it, it wasn’t in my name and I never once paid the insurance.) I LOVED THAT CAR.

I taught myself how to drive stick by going back and forth in the drive way for 20 minutes to get a grip on 1st and reverse, then proceeded to take it out for a 3 hour joy ride – I only stalled once but it happened to be at the only light in a one-horse town.

I once had to drive it home from Toronto without 5th gear. I had also lost the reverse at that time. Parking at school that week was a nightmare, trying to find a spot I wouldn’t have to back out of!

For whatever reason, that car was just really well made and never failed me until the clutch went and my dad refused to fix it so I was spoiled. No car will ever live up to that one.

Maybe I should stop trying to compare them….


to make more blankets like this.



I’m very happy with how the back turned out. I’ve never tried to incorporate blocks on the backing before. it always looked so difficult it scared me but I bit the bullet and just went for it. I kinda like it!



I totally love the edging on this. I made up one extra strip and then cut it into 1.5 inch sections, sewed them together in a repeating fashion. It turned out fantastic.



I am very proud of this blanket. Its the first project that doesn’t have some “major” newbie flaw in it. It makes me feel like I’m actually improving! I like it!

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