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This past Saturday I went to a reunion of sorts. It was a bunch of grade school friends who probably hadn’t all been in the same room for at least 10 years. At the same time that is. It was nice. Catching up on all the news, learning something new and retelling stories about what we knew of the ones that weren’t there. “So and so lives here now, and this person just got married, did you hear about so and so? when did that happen?”

There was a torrent of information, laughter, kids and food!

So much food. In all fairness there was supposed to be a bigger crowd and better weather but I think we did alright.  One of the kids was in the pool regardless that she could have stood outside and gotten just as wet but swimming in the rain is more fun I guess.  Most of the crowd has children and most were in attendance. A bunch of little mini-mes running around.

It’s an odd feeling being back in a room after such a long time with so many people who were so much a part of your life. Part of me felt like I didn’t belong. Part of me was frustrated that I was attending by myself as usual because my husband was working as usualIsn’t that point of getting married? so you never have to go to these reunion things by yourself? Will they like me? OMG it’s high school all over again. I’m to old for this.

It helps to see the humor in life and accept the life you are living. The regrets, accomplishments, the risks and success and when you really get down to it how much have we changed? Okay, we’ve changed a lot but the basics are still there. All the memories, good and bad, from years of school together. But perhaps that is why everyone feels a little uncomfortable? Knowing what we know about each other even if it was so long ago.

and because I am feeling so reminiscent and nostalgic I thought it required some musical accompaniment. I may have grown out of my fondness for them but this one is for my girls (the original 4 and all the others that loved them so)


The definition of earthquake? Mother Nature is pissed. Probably at BP oil just like the rest of us.

As if there was an earthquake in Ontario. Canada! at 1:41pm today. apparently Toronto and Ottawa are both along natural fault lines. Who knew? Besides the USGS and probably people who know random facts.

I had always wondered what it must feel like, especially after Haiti. I would think about it quite often, about those poor people, wondering what would happen if that occurred here. obviously that was significantly larger than our 5.0 but still. I had the strangest feeling of unease. Sitting at my desk at work feeling the building sway wondering if I was imagining it. And then as my brain was moving beyond the shock of it, it was over. Must have been about 15-20 seconds. Yeah, I was a little slow today.

Then of course it was EVERYWHERE on FB and twitter. what can I say, that’s the most excitement we’ve seen around here in a while. and yes I understand how ridiculously sad that is.

And now as if to confirm I was spazzing and there was no actual earthquake the Smarties people are bringing back blue by using an electric blue talking alien cat.  first of all WTF? and second, why the hell did you get rid of it to begin with?

I’m not the only one seeing this right?

what was I talking about? right, Mother Nature will spite you BP.

just finished reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer. I was hesitant at first because even though I like the Twilight series I didn’t particularly think it was that well written when compared to say JK Rowling (Harry Potter) which isn’t really fair considering they are completely different genres . It sounds odd  because I have actually read the series about 5 times through to say I don’t particularly like they way they were written but that’s what reading them multiple times will bring you to. You begin to pick out the bits and pieces that are troublesome to you or that don’t quite fit. I find she left a lot to desire. I don’t think she used nearly as much action as she could have, especially with Breaking Dawn. I’ve argued with people over which book was better. I always say Eclipse because that is where the action is. The only book where there is any in fact. It’s like she was afraid to go there because she was afraid to find out where it would take the series. I don’t blame her. The public was clamoring for an expected outcome and that is what she gave them. Kudos. But it could have been so much better.

When she came out with The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner I totally jumped on the bandwagon. It was so much better written. ps Mrs Meyer, a book about Fred would be fantastic! It was a fantastic little blurb about the other side. And it feels like she put so much more into it. I don’t know why. Perhaps because it’s the other side of things? I feel the same about Midnight Sun the unfinished and unknown whether it’s going to be novel about Edward’s point of view. I feel like that is what the stories needed, more vantage points other than Bella, even though it was through her eyes. Which is probably why I liked her writing style in The Host so much more. It feels as if she’s grown as an author and the story just has more grit and bones to it.

Even though it again is from main character perspective you get so much more because of the complexity of the character. It’s not fair to say she imparts her religious beliefs into the story lines but I can’t help but feel the undertones. It makes me wonder if she will outgrow this as well the more she writes. If she can step beyond that if that is what it takes to make the story go from a good read to a fantastic one. I will have to wait to see.  There was definitely more violence but it flowed well with the storyline and it would have been out of place if it wasn’t there.

I personally like the book. I hear it’s going to be a movie as well. Makes me wonder if she’s feeling any pressure about churning out yet another “book” for a studio audience. I haven’t read many reviews about it to see what her die hard Twilight fans think about it. Whether they honestly like it or if they just like it because the author of Twilight wrote it. I read books for the story, the fantasy., the ability to be in another place and time with the turn of a page. That’s probably why I liked the Twilight series so much to begin with, regardless of the issues I have developed over time I do still appreciate a good read. I can’t help but follow Stephenie Meyer’s work. Everyone has to start somewhere. Stephen King’s early novels are not among my favourites even though he is one of my all time favourite author’s. He just keeps getting better and I am hoping for the same from Ms Meyer.  I am also eagerly waiting to see if JK Rowling will ever venture away from HP.  It would be fantastic if she would.


The boy. Standing in the second drawer up. Wearing a too small pj top over his shirt and using his Thomas shirt as bottoms. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to use this as blackmail some day.

So the daughter of one of my bestest friends is having twins. she has been told time and again that they are girls and I hope the u/s tech is right because otherwise I have to rethink this gift!

Having long decided I wanted to start making quilts (because I love them so) I thought what better gift than something homemade? Of course I always try to get away with homemade stuff as much as I possibly can. Technically it’s not cheaper because you still have to buy all the materials but they are definitely more fun to purchase. The hard part is waiting to see if the recipient is actually going to like the gift. So far I haven’t had anyone blatantly say “thanks, this totally sucks” but I can never be sure they aren’t saying it after I walk away.  I posted some pics a few weeks back once I had all the pieces cut out trying to make up my mind about the order they should go in. Those pictures did not have the greatest lighting but I posted them nevertheless (because I’m cool like that). Here is the finished product.

They turned out smaller than I originally wanted but having never put together an actual quilt (let alone two!) I was not exactly sure what I was doing.  I kinda like them tho, they look really sweet. and this was my absolute favourite block….

M and I did a fabric swap a little while back and she sent me this fabulous little swatch of birds. Originally I was going to embroider a bird on the branch but I like this much better. I still have a bunch of it left and I can get that branch fabric in more colours and I think I am needing to get my idea book out again! and I need to find more of that fabric or something similar. 

The worst part ever was the binding. I was petrified of doing the binding but it actually isn’t that bad. It goes a lot faster than I thought it would and only hurt my wrist a little towards the end. At least I can say I did it all by machine and hand, binding and all. I used an old sheet for the binding and it’s doubled so that could be where the problem lies. Next time I will know better.

And now the wait to see if she actually likes them begins….

Where the hell have I been? oh right,sick, sick, sick and my kid had surgery. It started about three weeks ago. Woke up and just knew something wicked was coming on. The cough was worse than any I’d ever had and I lost my voice. For two weeks! well, almost two weeks. I certainly sounded like I should have been the one in hospital instead of the boy. I had this Janis Joplin thing happening, which apparently some people preferred over my “real” voice. what’s up with that?

His surgery went well after finally deciding what they were doing. First its tubes, then tubes and adenoids, then wait he has a runny nose so back to just tubes but low and behold his nose is perfectly clear day of so let’s do adenoids again! Make up your bloody mind would you! I have never been under so much stress. And for something as minor as tubes and adenoids. Poor boy didn’t take so well to the anesthetic either. I think he threw up about 3 times the worst of which was all over me. Seriously. You haven’t lived until your kid throws up down your shirt so that your bra gets to soak it all up. sadly that’s not even the first time that’s happened – he was a very pukey baby. That in itself is just not right, one shouldn’t have  so many memories of vomit in ones bra. Just gross.

We’re back on track now at least and I have finally gotten back to work on the two little blankets/quilts that I was supposed to finish for the 6th. yeah, oops! I had to bail on one of my best friends and missed what was probably the best baby shower ever! I suppose you could say I was saving the mother-to-be from the stress of being sick while pregnant (with twins!) so really I should be heralded right? yes. lets go with that. Pictures of the finished blankets tomorrow.

In other news. The husband lost his cell phone. fantastic.

Saturday was spent like this.The boy was sick, sick, sick. Vomiting sick – which btw is the most hilarious thing I have ever seen him do. Most kids freak out when they vomit but not my boy. He just bends at the waist and lets it go – then signs that he’s hungry…um, no. Then he’s all seriously I want something to eat! and I’m like kid you just barfed all over my living room you think I’m gonna give you food? you’re crazy! the ASL gets more and more demanding along with the stares (I so need to get a pic of his demanding stare!) before I finally give in and say okay, you want some saltines? Compromise – he gets food and I get a slight bit of hope that the crackers will settle his stomach. Back to the picture. He would fall asleep for an hour or so then get up with a burst of energy and want to go outside so we took his cot out to the yard and when he was tired again he just climbed in and slept for a while.

Sunday morning I spent at Value Village.  Normally I don’t go there for an entire morning but on this particular Sunday I locked my keys in my car. yep. I think it was karma from the previous night when my father and I were discussing religion and I told him I didn’t believe in it. Does God smite people by inconvenience? Regardless, the boy and I found 4 pairs of pants that I turned into shorts for him and one pair of Palomino jeans – score! We also found these lovely items….

a Teddy Ruxpin rain slicker!

which I didn’t buy and…


I really wanted to buy this for the boy. Had a hard time leaving it behind but I just literally do not own any type of machine that would record CD on to tape. do they still sell tapes? regardless I feel bad looking at this little machine all sad and needing a home…I might have to go back and save him.

and finally I found more sheets. my Village shop has a plethora (yes PLETHORA) of “vintage” sheets. I should really start buying them up and storing them but that’s another day…these are not vintage (well not the flowers) but these are the sheets I did purchase…


I have yet to figure out what to do with them but maybe something with that strip sheet? Hey now, wouldn’t that be fun??? with a little of that Garden Vanilla thrown in there? Oh this is getting exciting! time to start putting it down on paper now that there is a pattern forming (give me a second……and done – not joking)

Finally, this is what I did on Monday morning probably while you were still sleeping while I should have been getting ready for work. This used to be my favourite pair of pants. I wore them to death or rather until there were threadbare spots in places where there should definitely be threads! then I decided to do this…


and then I wore it to work. the end.

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