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I love it when I can share derby love! Read on people!

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Kingston’sSkateful Dead (hometeam) and The Disloyalists (travel team) skated into Durham Region last night for a double header showdown with teams representing both ends of the DRRD spectrum. With a roster sprinkled with members of the second KDG hometeam, the Rogue Warriors, it took a while for the Skateful Dead to come together, but when they did, they were able to handle the less experienced Durham farm team, the DRRD’Y Farmers. In the marquee matchup of the evening, a shorthanded Disloyalists marched onto the visitor’s bench and dominated the second half of their bout with the Derby Devils to distance themselves from their rivals and complete the double-header sweep.

The Disloyalists (KDG) 193 vs. Durham Derby Devils (DRRD) 86

Two teams to keep an eye on in the competitive derby scene in Ontario are the Derby Devils and the Disloyalists, but on…

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I once put a bell on one of the doorknobs for Christmas. It made a nice jingle-jangley sound every time we opened the door. I liked it.

At the time we also had a six month old pup that still hadn’t nailed down a sign to tell us when he needed to go out. I didn’t like that so much.

And then a few days later the bell rang.

Strange, I thought to myself, as I went to investigate.

I found our dog standing next to the door nosing the bell. He then pointedly began hitting the bell and looking at me until I figured it out!

Three years later the Christmas bell is still on the doorknob and our training issues went away……until now.

We recently and by recently I mean it’s been a month and a half brought a new pup into our house.

Our son named her Daisy.


baby Daisy

She was so cute, and for the first three days never made a mess on the floor once and then it all went to hell.

Being somewhat optimistic about the training process I naively figured she would pick up on the bell trick immediately and we would have the fastest trained pup in history. Like I said, naive. For one thing, she couldn’t even reach the bell. Until now.

Daisy loves the bell.

A lot.

She likes to ring it for everything. EVERYTHING. And so enthusiastically.

When she wants a drink, she rings the bell.

When she’s hungry, she rings the bell.

When her favourite toy (our kitten Ralph) is ignoring her, she rings the bell.

Yesterday she rang the bell because her food dish was upside down and her food was “trapped”.

She rings the bell for everything she can think of….except to go pee, that she just does on the floor.

I am trying to stay positive that she will eventually figure out the whole peeing outside thing because I think we can expect some very interesting times with this pup.


12 wk old Daisy

I made this today on a whim.

It’s a perfect little boy blanket with a cotton dinosaur print on one side and fleece on the other.

I considered just making it a duvet but decided to finish it off after I flipped it right side out. I stitched it all the way around to give it a nice edge without having to bind it.


Seriously simple, seriously cute!


It’s like the tree has given us a gift of purse! But really I just forgot to take a picture of my finished project as usual so I tossed it up there on a whim. I probably should have at least picked a limb low enough to get the details on the bag!

I made this for my SIL. She had seen the one I made for myself ages ago and asked for one. She provided the pants, yes, pants, I did the rest.

This is a purse made from a pair of cords. She provided a black pair and I dug through my stash and found a fun butterfly patterned piece big enough for the lining. I lined the inside of the handles with the same material and decided at the last minute to make a belt for it as well. The waist size of the pants determines the size of the bag so this wasn’t a large one, about a 6 maybe. I didn’t put any interior pockets but could have as there ended up being more room than I anticipated. It is meant to be a forearm bag only because of the short handles.

I handed it off to many thank you’s, great job’s and wow you should make these for money! but honestly I prefer blankets.

And now I need to get back to the blanket I have been procrastinating over because as usual I am running short on time!

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