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Last week sometime Brittany at Barefoot Foodie posted her soundtrack for the day and seriously if you aren’t reading her blog yet there is something wrong with you because she is HILARIOUS and I thought it was a fantastic idea.

so I am copying it.

only with my own playlist, not hers, because I don’t think we have the same taste in music at all….jokes, she has some great tunes on there, especially Coconut Records – West Coast

and since I will be spending some quality time with my sewing machine on Friday and I always have music playing I thought I would share some with you….you don’t have to like it.

after all these are my faves, you can go make a list of your own to share.

Also, this list is not really in order of preference…just the first 10 random songs that played on my Sony Walkman….yes, Walkman! no iPods here.

1. Florence and the Machine – Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)


2. MGMT – Kids – I don’t like the actual video for this song sorry.


3. City and Colour – Sleeping Sickness


4. The Watchmen – All Uncovered – seriously one of MY ABSOLUTE FAVES


5. Deathcab For Cutie – I Will Follow You into the Dark


6. She & Him – Sentimental Heart


7. Kings of Leon – Pyro


8. Adele – Chasing Pavements


9. Arkells – Pullin’ Punches


10. Mumford and Sons – White Blank Page


Also on Friday we will be saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to my beloved country so as with this list, my Friday sewing music will definitely include some great Canadian bands!


Literally. There are just so. many. seams.

What was I thinking?

Right…I like a challenge.


The good thing about this plan is: if you’ve pressed all the individual pieces you can finger press the seams open after each section is sewn on and worry about using an iron once you are done.
But wow, that’s a lot of seams….

They do look nice once the hot iron gets its chance to prove its worth.

Unfortunately I did not get any sewing machine time this weekend and I am insanely tired tonight so I was getting slower and slower and slower as each block went together. I managed 10 in an hour and a half. I think I better step up the pace if I want to make my deadline.

Do you prefer a centred block…

Or an offcentre block…

There was supposed to be a third option of this really funky starburst block that Film In The Fridge has created a tutorial for on her blog but dude not only is it a huge waste of materials but also more difficult than it looks (notetoself: try again when not under time and fabric constraints)

So the question stands, which do you prefer?

Poor Mowse has been here for a few weeks now but I had yet to take the time to make some fun stuff for her cage.



I want to attempt a hanging tunnel but for now she gets a simple toy with a bell and a hammock.



I’m not sure she’ll like either one but she did check out the hammock when I was hanging it. I put a few pieces of food in there to further entice her although I doubt I will see her use it anytime soon as she still doesn’t come out much during the day.

I really wasn’t sold on the idea of a rat living in my house but sometimes even I have trouble saying no to my boy. I do like rodents though and she’s pretty darn cute with her big ears, also the boy is truly enamored with her.


at least until I finish these next projects. yes, projects. because I am that good…or that crazy…the jury is still out

I love the whole process of building something from scratch. I try to put my ideas to paper as much as possible but I’m not an artist so sometimes what I draw and the idea/picture in my mind don’t mesh. Other times I just draw several scenarios about the same idea to see which I like the most and go from there. I don’t think I’ve ever created anything that exactly matched the pictures I’ve drawn. Most of the time I just make it up as I go and yes that can result in taking a lot of things apart.

Sometimes the planning is only this…
Rudimentary figures at best.

Picking the fabric is actually the first step of the project for me, even if I don’t actually have a project in mind. These fabrics for instance have been hanging out in my stash for a while now and knowing I needed enough of the same for two similar projects it was perfect. Also it is girly but not overly so.



I did these letters up tonight as a starting point.



I have a vague notion of how I am going to proceed and I’ll be documenting my progress so stay tuned!

As the title may suggest I am just going to post a bunch of links today.

I mentioned on Saturday’s post about the Kingston Derby Girls appropriately titled “last night was awesome!” that if I found a link or two I would add them. I found more than two and I love it! So I thought I would just post a bunch of them and you can check them all out or none or whatever but they will be here! Of course these are the derby leagues closest to me and by close I mean within a 6 hour vicinity so if you are not seeing any close to you that would be why. But please don’t let that stop you from looking though as there could be leagues in your area! You may feel like you are searching for a secret society but no worries, I’m sure most of the girls would love to have your support or your participation – they are always looking for fresh meat!

1. Kingston Derby Girls

2. Peterborough Roller Derby

3. Chrome Mollys – GTA

4. D-Vas – Toronto Roller Derby

5. Ottawa Roller Derby  – The Bytown Blackhearts and Capital Carnage

6. Capital City Derby Dolls

7. South Simcoe Rebel Rollers

8. Royal City Rollergirls  – Violet Uprising, Killer Queens, Our Ladies of Pain

There were also a few bands playing but we only heard the two that started the action Slick Whippet and Sheezer who are totally AWESOME btw, but I love Wheezer and an all girl Wheezer cover band is just fun.

There was an after party with The Gertrudes and Rueben deGroot but we didn’t stay for that. Probably should have but I had a long day okay? and I’m not as young as I used to be. and getting home past midnight is no longer on my list of things to do every weekend. wow that sounds pathetic. C’est la vie.







Last night we went to roller derby. And it was awesome! Well the Disloyalists were awesome and the other team? well they gave it a good try. the final score was something like 239 to 36. seriously. it was a massacre. but the Disloyalists had a jammer that was hard to stop as she flew through the blockers at times pulling off very impressive passes in tight spots. Her name is LaVallee of the Dolls.
this is her….
image she makes an incredibly challenging sport look easy!

are you ready for an onslaught of crappy pictures of the action? maybe they will encourage you to just come out for the next match and see it for yourself!







Don’t say I didn’t I warn you. There were lots of film crews there and pictures being taken with much better equipment then my cell phone with the broken lens so I’ll see if I can dig up a link or two. But for real, next time just come out and see the action in person!

Update (30/06/11) KDG posted a link on FB that gave the final score and I was a little off. The final score was actually 261-42.

Thinking about a quilt for the boy. I want to make it with these…


Thinking about what a ham my boy is…

(and also about the huge mess in the background)

A fun little blanket for a baby.

I had a specific baby in mind but it seems to be taking me FOREVER to get this done. I may have underestimated how long it takes to hand quilt something, even this small. He may be too big for it by the time I get it done.

I will have to find a new owner for it if I take much longer getting it done.


The back is striped! I really like stripes and I wish I had more of this fabric.

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