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I am taking a short little course in hopes to get some new/fresh ideas of helping my boy deal with stressful situations. Most of you may know that my son has speech issues and we’ve been in therapy for quite a while now. Recently things have not gone so well and I am at a loss as to how to help him since nothing we’ve tried has worked. He just doesn’t want to do it any more and he shuts down or worse, throws a tantrum. So we are taking a break from speech for a few months for two reasons, one, in hopes that all he needs is a break and two, to try to repair the damage of speech becoming an “unsafe” environment for him. My kid is not normally a tantrum thrower. I mean, yes he will get defiant and angry if he is told no but he’s three, this type of situation is normally diffused with a “that’s enough” or” no means no” and we’re done. The situation with speech is not so easily defined because it comes from a deeper, emotional level. All my usual tricks don’t apply or he’s just to far gone to reason with, hence the class – I am learning to ask for help and I’m surprisingly not embarrassed to admit it. In fact, its kind of therapeutic. what it comes down to really is how far I would go to help my child and if it means admitting I don’t know everything so be it.

Part of the class involves discipline and diffusing situations so I post these questions and hope someone will start a discussion!

Do time-outs work for you?

How have you diffused a stressful or highly emotional situation with your child?






I made this quilt top 2 weeks (3?) ago with the intent of finishing it by now.
It didn’t happen.
The middle of the sandwich is just too thick for my sewing maching. At least until I get myself a walking foot, something I should have purchased AGES ago.
so after hours of frustration I gave up and made this one in half a day.
I will not make the same mistake twice and this one has the potential of getting done in a few days now that I am horrendously beyond the deadline I gave myself.

When I was a kid and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I always responded, “a veterinarian”. always. but somewhere along the way I veered away from that. I don’t know why.

Maybe it was my inability to commit.

Maybe I was just scared.

Maybe it was all the alcohol I consumed in my teenage years fogging my ability to make good judgments. I’d put the money on this one…

Whatever the case, I never took that path. It only haunts me a little bit on a daily basis. I do not regret the life I have but there are definitely times when I really wish I had followed through with my childhood statement. Like when I when I hear about friends rescuing animals or when I take in strays or when I have to pay vet bills. It comes back to haunt me because I feel like I could be doing so much more….

My parents weren’t exactly enthusiastic about my bringing home stray animals when I was a kid so I didn’t get away with it much. Most of the animals that have passed through my house have done so after my parents moved out and I took ownership.

There was the time my grandfather sent me home with a handful of baby mice to show my mother (she was not terribly impressed with him!). You can’t blame me for that one really, I was only 4.

There was the time my husband and I took the 5 baby raccoons that were born in our cottage and brought them home. They were AWESOME but I would not recommend it to anyone. Not 5 at once anyhow. We hand fed them and raised them to about 6 months before releasing them back to the wild.

These are the latest additions to our household…


Three really cute Great PyreneesX puppies.  They are about three months old and were found on the side of the rather busy road I live on.


This is a boy.


This is a girl.


This is another boy. and he thinks he’s in charge.

They had been seen in the area for a little while although not by me. It didn’t take long after my brother mentioned seeing them for me to start with the concern over their safety. so when I was driving by and saw them unattended of course I was going to stop and get them. We drew the conclusion that they had been abandoned but that wasn’t entirely the case. It turns out the owners of the mother dog are just completely irresponsible pet owners. and what is worse is that I KNOW THEM. in fact I was practically RELATED TO THEM for about six years (friends you may now draw your own conclusions here – they will most probably be correct)

In the end it doesn’t make any difference where they came from, what matters is that they are better off now! I hope to be able to find them good, forever homes once they’ve had a once over from my vet this weekend. I will be cringing over that bill and again wishing I had just followed through with my childhood plan.

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