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I’ve been wanting to make the boy one of these tie shirts since I saw them on Etsy months (years?) ago. I have been known to procrastinate just a little. but today was finally that day!

I particularly like the fishes. I have been trying to figure out what to do with them since I bought it forever ago.


How do people actually forget what winter driving is like? and I mean people that live in Canada year round.  Because I have literally had my licence for half my life now and I have never once forgotten how it is to drive in the winter weather. Maybe it’s because I learned to drive in the winter or maybe its because I am not an idiot.

So because why not? here is a top 5 list of my personal driving peeves feel free to agree, disagree and add yours to the list.

1. people who do not brush all the snow off their cars – how much extra time does it take to clear that friggin avalanche-waiting-to-happen off the top of your car so that you don’t snow blind the person behind you or yourself if you stop fast?

2. people who only clear a fraction of their windows  – you know the ones, their entire front and rear windshields are covered with ice and they have cleared themselves a small, circular section to see out of and that is it.

3. people who drive really fast because they have snow tires or 4-wheel drive – newsflash people, those tires give you extra grip they do not perform miracles.

4. people who do not signal – TURN ON YOUR DAMN SIGNAL! how hard is it to move that little handle up and down? really?

5. people who blame the weather – you can’t blame the weather for making you a bad driver, the weather was here long before you and your car, you’re the one that has to adapt.

I could probably go one forever because I like to complain but sadly, the reality is that there are just a lot of really bad drivers out on the roads. I am not saying I am the best driver on the road because I have made mistakes and I admit that I could probably have done better on some occasion but I’ve never driven carelessly in the winter.

The point is don’t blame the weather, blame the driver because that car isn’t driving itself….unless it’s name is Christine….

ps. the book was better so borrow it from the library, go home and stay there until the snow melts!

I feel like I’ve been on extended holiday for the last month. Not that I have actually been anywhere in particular but life just kinda got away from me for a bit there. I haven’t barely looked at my craft table let alone done anything with it. I stopped reading my blog list. I stopped reading books. And forget about writing, there was just nothing there. Not that I couldn’t find a topic to write about I just had very little incentive to put thoughts to paper…or computer. I was depressed.  I just didn’t know it at the time because I was functioning somewhat normally.

Looking back over the month of December though I can see the signs: not wanting to finish any projects, stress over Christmas and work and  money, zero energy, family commitments, car trouble.

I am sure I am not the only one.

One of the worst things was dealing with the death of my grandfather. It was  heartbreaking.  I was shedding tears of grief for a man that struggled to live for the last 11 years but I was also healing myself. I was overly emotional (for me) and struggled to deal with his death as I had dealt with any others before him. I couldn’t really understand it. I still don’t. In part it probably had to do with the depressive state I was in. It could also be that I was lucky enough to have had all 4 of my grandparents be part of my life until my teen years and since he was the only one I had left it was really hard to see him give up and to have to let him go. Either way the tears helped. I wake up feeling better every day and given the fact I am sitting here typing I think I have gotten over the mental block that has been caging me.

I almost feel like crafting again.


I see cute and simple projects like these No-Sew Flowers by Made and they make me smile.  They give me inspiration. I’ve missed that feeling.

So I have projects to finish, starting with a blanket for Izzy. It is partially done at least (more than what is shown in the picture). I just need to sew the bottom half of the quilt sandwich and bind it. Even thinking about it right now has me breaking through this funk I have been wallowing in even more.

Its time to get to work again and get back into the swing of things. Its time to get back to normal (for me).

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