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I love a good coincidence.  Especially when it involves the weird and wonderful, disgusting and delightful, strange and superb…I’m sure you get the picture.  With respect to finding all sorts of interesting things I “Stumble”.  I do this on an almost daily basis and usually at work.  It not only can take up my entire lunch hour but some days it helps the minutes pass while on hold with a call or not.   Today I just happened to stumble across the exact same thing that one of my favourite bloggers had posted a link to.  I routinely catch up on my Reader via my phone and having no idea how most of the features work yet (rather infuriating and if anyone can help me with my Android I would be very grateful) I couldn’t check out the link that Smacksy had posted.  She routinely posts a link every Sunday and very rarely are they not worth checking out.  I only say very rarely because I haven’t been following her that long, only a few months now.  I was turned on to her blog through a friend.  I have not been disappointed.  I have also, in the process of following her have found a great many other blogs that have me in stitches and bring tears to my eyes daily.  I LOVE THIS.  There is nothing better than reading a blog while waiting for the light to change and suddenly bursting into uncontrollable laughter while the people around you take a few steps back.  Classic.

Back to the point, thank you Smacksy for bringing to my attention something the internets had pre-ordained me to see…or if you would rather…something by sheer and total coincidence landed on my puter screen within 24 hrs of me not opening the link in your blog.

Hope you enjoy. (I also hope the link works, if not go back to Smacksy’s Sunday Link and enjoy)



I cannot begin to express the love I have for this film. I am sure that people will scoff at it because they think RPatz is only capable of teen angst as a brooding vampire but his role in this film was fantastic. I loved Emilie de Ravin, and look forward to seeing more of her in future films. Pearce Brosnen gets an A+ as does Ruby Jerins. 5 stars. 2 thumbs up. can’t wait to own it.


Wish I had a picture of his grandpa Paul who is always dressed in a white button up shirt and jeans. Definition of spitting image.

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