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How to turn your ordinary swingset slide into extraordinary fun!



okay so maybe it wasn’t so much the pattern as the person wielding the crochet hook? nah, it was the pattern seriously though something isn’t quite right with the pattern because if I had followed it to a ‘T’ she would have certainly been the ugliest little Geisha ever born from yarn and hook. now thanks to my embellishments she only looks a little off. you’re welcome geisha

So not only was Value Village having a very well advertised 50% off sale that I was completely oblivious to but I actually managed to battle my way through the masses (with the boy in tow) and find these incredibly fantastic items!

One superfantastic (smallish) piece of flower print and 2 sheets. I am so in love with this stripe sheet I almost hurt when I think about cutting it up but when you pair it with this the hurt subsides immensely.

superfantastic Value Village finds for less than $5

btw – did I mention I only had $5 on my at time of said sale? No? well now you know… and I got change!

In case you didn’t follow the link to the pic  go here now. seriously. you won’t be disappointed.

Second: My friend M totally ROCKS! She won a giveaway on SewMamaSew and very generously let me pick a print for myself (cost of the print is slightly foggy to me but we’ll sort it out) and I am so very excited!

Still haven’t checked out that link? okay, I’ll just show you!

Garden Vanilla - Freebird by Momo

If you are thinking I am nuts and the two are going to clash horribly well I would say that not only are you wrong but also shut up, it’s my blanket! This picture just doesn’t do it justice. The background colour of the fabric is actually white not cream (you can see this if you check the first link to the picture) and the colours of the flowers are going to match spectacularly. seriously, it’s perfect! In my head the blanket is done. I wish it were that easy.

Lastly, I  finally received a PayPal receipt of payment for this super fantastic hat pattern by Leila & Ben that I cannot wait to make for the boy.  Actually I think I may be more excited to go back to the Village to search out some corduroy that I can refashion into the hat- and this time I will take more cash with me – but to know this super cute hat pattern is on its way to me is very exciting!

And since I have used up my link quota for the week in this one blog I better get back to work.



These are your adenoids…

and these are apparently what my son’s adenoids look like…

and what exactly is an adenoid for? well…

Apparently adenoids are clumps of lymph tissue that help kids, generally younger than 6 or so, fight infections and illness. They are supposed to help capture bacteria and viruses that can be inhaled through the mouth and nose.

So why are we removing them? I refer you back to picture number two and yesterday’s blog. El Doctorrr asks if my son has always breathed this loudly and I said yes, practically since birth and he said they are coming out. That is when everything went a little fuzzy. I pretty much worked in a haze the rest of the day. I couldn’t get past the “this is a much longer procedure with more anesthetic required and up to 2 weeks off daycare afterward” statement that the doctor spouted out before abruptly saying “goodbye” (like that annoying game show host from that stupid show that I can’t currently remember the name of) and so I was left with….um…what?

Anyhow, now that my nerves have calmed (slightly) and I can see the big picture. This is a good thing. He has had breathing issues since birth which hopefully this will relieve. He gets constant sinus-like infections which hopefully this will lessen or relieve entirely. His speech therapy is going no-where fast which hopefully this will help exponentially and technically you really don’t need adenoids.  Not that this information in any way lessens my stress or anxiety about this. and I just realized I NEVER TOLD MY HUSBAND! um, oops! I did remember to tell him that our son has a little girlfriend in daycare! so that makes up for it right?

So no the adenoids are not technically necessary after a certain age according to what I have read. Once the body develops more immunity and more ways to fight viruses and bacterium the adenoids kinda just shrivel up and cease to be helpful. Interesting. Isn’t the human body cool? okay maybe its just me that thinks that.

and now I need to make a phone call home….

Okay, change of plans – surgery plans that is. Today we went in for a preoperative appointment with the impression he would be getting his tube surgery tomorrow.

does he always breath that loudly?

yes, since birth

okay, he needs to have his adenoids out.

?!?!?!?!?!?!?! what-now?

I get it, I totally get it that it will be better for his speech and language and hearing but when you talk about surgery on this boy…

2-year-old boy

I am picturing surgery on this boy…

2-month-old boy

and I don’t like it.

More on adenoid surgery later, when my nerves have calmed enough for me to write about it. If you want to see about the tubes go here.





The only problem with having so many wonderful options and wanting to use them all is deciding which order works best for the fabrics.




I’ve only been trying to find an hour to put this together for a week now. Talk about lack of organization! Or is it lack of determination? Maybe a little bit of both. Or perhaps because as the proud mother of an extremely precocious 2-year-old and the fact that I work full time I’m just bloody exhausted. But the idea just wouldn’t go away. It was eating at my brain like a little organiser worm manifesting into this gigantic scary thing that I was beginning to think would never come to fruition. So there’s two ways to go: turn tail and run or hit it full speed head on. I like the latter option.

I’m definitely not the best seamstress on the block (or second, or third) but I try hard and most of the time things turn out decent enough. Thankfully this is another of those times. Believe me when I say there have been PLENTY of times it did not. What you need to do is find the bright side of crooked lines- I call it my House of Wonderland designs. hey whatever works right? and the good thing is with effort, patience and practice I will get better and eventually the pieces I turn out will be perfect matches to the ideas in my head.

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