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Today I made my own chocolates. With dolce de leche. Need I say more? Like how ridiculously good they are? Not to mention cute! I mean come on, they look like little daisies! I do believe chocolates could become a staple gift for all gift giving occasions so I should probably come up with some signature flavours….cherry cordials, butter creams, caramels, mint, oh the possibilities!



My baby (my 2-year-old baby) has to have tubes put in his ears. I really don’t like the idea but the more I’ve read into it the more it doesn’t seem like such a big deal. The worst part is going to be letting him be wheeled away from me into the OR for this 10 minute procedure.

It like my worst nightmare is the solution to his most frustrating problem. His lack of speech which is no doubt being hindered by him hearing as if underwater. I wonder if this is going to be a magical solution to his limited verbal communication. It would be rather impressive if he comes out with some actual words besides Mama (which is the BEST word in the entire world btw). Of course the drawback of this is that we may need to curb our swearing a great deal. That’ll be damn near fucking impossible. Shit. Its like OCD. I just can’t help it.

That’s like trying to take a fish out of water and speaking of fish out of water, no swimming all summer. Um…excuse me??? Yeah okay. Sure. Let’s see how well that goes over for the first 5 minutes before I just stick some wax in his ears and toss him in. Seriously, I don’t understand how if I have to put wax in his ears for a tub then why can’t we just do the same for the pool? Summer will not go by fast enough.

The operation itself is very minimal but it still involves anesthesia. that’s the scary part. and the confusion as he is wheeled away from mommy to the big room and the pain afterwards. I want to petition to be in the room but I can imagine that’s a big no. the way I look at it is if I can withstand him screaming crying through circumcision at 6 days old then I am fairly certain I can deal with this. Of course when you are picturing yourself performing your own special circumcision on the doctor if he in any way messes up your little man’s junk it makes it easier to deal with. Maybe that’s just me.

So I was on a 2-hr layover and met with my good friend M for some drinks and good conversation to wile away the time. We share a definite love of all things crafty and as per usual the conversation eventually landed on craft, the latest projects, ideas for projects and help I need an idea to fix this project. I showed her the pictures of my sleeve extensions and she mentioned I should have described in more detail how I did the project…duh! I felt totally dumb. Of course I should have. So here goes. I chose to crochet the extensions on through a circuit of loops versus sewing as I am not a fan of sewing jean material. The extensions I used were yarn and I didn’t sew them either but only because I was going to be crocheting otherwise sewing the loose ends is a must.

Turn your sleeves inside out.  I used a light-weight yarn typically used by persons of a certain age to make doilies and intricate laces and tableclothes. I used a darning needle because I was working on a jean jacket and you need a heavier needle. Make a circuit of loops on the inside of the cuff as in the picture (#2); these will be used as your base.  I used a size 3 crochet hook and made my way around the jacket cuff working single crochet stitches through the loops and extension materials. Once the circuit is complete turn the the sleeve right side out and voila. hopefully.




So I have this issue with sleeves. Its not that my arms are ridiculously long but my shoulders are broad and that adversly affects most of my long sleeved clothing, including coats.

So I had this idea. I could refurbish some old sweater sleeves that I had laying around from a previous project and lengthen one of my jackets that had been specifically bothersome. This is the work and end result and I am glad to have finally started to fulfill my New Years resolution to finish some craftiness that I had stuck in the back of my head. I really need to start writing these things down so I have some recollection of all the ideas that pass, especially those that pass so fleetingly.

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