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I’m not going to pretend that the boy is fully trained but by George I think he’s got it! And it only took two weeks. Or was it three? No, this is week three….I’m sure of it ….. I think. Life has been very full recently with the early arrival of the newest member of our family, work, Christmas, car problems, road trips, and my boy changing before my eyes! just to name a few…

I almost feel like all the angst I had was for naught. What the heck was I so frustrated about again? Right, he didn’t care! but we’ve come full circle from that child!

Week 1
I pack at least 7 changes of clothes for daycare and he goes through all of them. He has no idea why he’s so wet all the time. He doesn’t tell anyone he’s got to go. He doesn’t tell anyone when he has gone. He is totally blindsided by the no more diapers regime we’ve adopted and honestly I think he’s trying to wait it out to see who will give in first. We end the week as we began. (I almost give up.)

Week 2
At daycare he seems to be getting the hang of it. Hardly any accidents and he comes home with more dry clothes than wet. At home telling him when to go results in constant freak-outs, screaming, crying and fighting us when we put him on the toilet. Everything is so hit and miss  and everyone is frustrated. (I almost give up again.)

Week 3
Eureka! There are officially more successes than failures. seriously, it just happened over the weekend. And it finally dawns on me that I am getting trained as well. He hates (HATES) being told when to go and will fight you tooth and nail each time but give him freedom and watch him go. literally! He just hates to be told what to do. ever. (yes mom I know he’s just like me)

I have to tell you though the first time I heard the flush I panicked. OMG! what did he just do???

“what are you doing?”

“dun now.”

“done what?”

“me pee”

“seriously? it wasn’t a toy or something?”

(rolls his eyes at me) “mama! me pee!”

Potty dancing ensues. Cheering and clapping and congratulating! and then he walks off like its just the norm for him to be using a toilet like a “big people” and goes to play.

I would still love a little advanced warning now and then, especially if we are out shopping or something but believe me I will take what I can get! And I can’t get over how quickly he just got it. I suppose I really shouldn’t be surprised, he’s always been a very quick study. Show him once and he’s got it. He just had to make up his own mind to go for it.

So potty training on top of huge leaps and bounds with his speech and I almost have a little boy I don’t recognize. I better start taking more pictures of him!

and just for pure awesomeness, I leave you with a video of Elmo’s dad teaching him about the potty. (part of me loves the cuteness of this and the rest of me just likes it for the fantastic stash and sweater vest combo his dad is sporting)

*no copyright intended, all rights belong to makers/producers of Sesame Street.*


"Men in belted sweaters"

Oh mah gawd that is awesome!

For the rest of the pictures go here.

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