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Beware the zombie rabbits.

The days of play doh (to be pronounced as you are Homer Simpson) are upon us.

I am fairly certain I have more fun than Ray but seeing as how he doesn’t yet talk it is rather hard to know what he is thinking.

Claymation+me=hrs of blissful entertainment



My son has a huge sweet tooth. He comes by it naturally since both my husband and I have one as well. He likes chocolate pretty much any sort but more specifically in bar form. I prefer candy, gummies, sour suckers, etc. The boy…well if it contains sugar he’s all for it even some sour ones.

Seeing as today was Family Day me and the boy hung out. We watched some of his favourite cartoons and his all time favourite movie Cars (I could devote a whole blog to that). We bundled up and went out for a walk and to play at the park which is far less busy at 0 degrees. And to cap it off…a sugar induced coma! I baked cupcakes and peanut butter cookies and he got to lick the mixer thingys. 4 times.

yep. it was a good day.


Go Canada Go!

I have to insert my pride before I go on about the points of cool and lame.

1. the welcoming was fantastic. loved the presentation and all the dancers.

2. Nelly Furtado (in heels that could have killed) and Bryan Adams were not a great combo, came off sounding like they were trying too hard to pretend they liked one another.

3. That man-on-wire-flies-through-air-in-an-acrobatic-representation-of-the-prairies….yeah, ya lost me.


5. kd Lang, sounded amazing, looked more manly than I remember.

6. Donald Sutherland. If there was ever a reason for my life to have a voice over…’nuff said.

7. the skiers, snowboarders, etc “on the mountain”. great idea but they looked ridiculously uncoordinated and like they just couldn’t really pull it off.

8. Technical difficulties? Are you fucking kidding me?

9. The man in motion himself bringing the flame into the stadium would have been made better by HIM lighting the torch.

10. The sincerity in which they addressed the unfortunate and tragic event that took the life of the Georgian luger.

Overall job well done. Had me all sentimental.


A months worth of illness between me, the kid and the husband.

A fall in the shower resulting in a bump on the head, large bruise on my leg and a slight sprain to my texting thumb.

A very bad burn to one little pinky (because you can tell him don’t touch its hot ’til you’re blue in the face but it won’t make one bit of difference) with a resulting blister.

A sore back because he’s gone back to working in an area of the plant that requires physical labour again.


the days are still filled with giggles and toddler kisses and hugs and laughter and everythings coming up roses.


I should have known it was going to be one of those days the minute he woke up. He had yet again spent the night in my bed occasionally kicking me or snoring softly. It was about 730 when it started….

“Mmmmm” (his favourite noise), poke, poke, tap
I open my eyes and he is millimeters from my face (at least I don’t need to put my glasses on) and he signs eat.
“Go back to sleep”
He puts his hand under his cheek on the pillow, closes his eyes and makes his sleeping face.
I notice it sounds more demanding this time. I open my eyes again and if possible he’s actually closer. Our foreheads are touching. We are nose to nose. He gives me an Eskimo kiss and giggles. and he signs eat.
“you’re not going back to sleep are you?”
he shakes his head no.
30 minutes later his hunger sated by a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk he is ready to snuggle.
“baby doesn’t feel good?” shakes his head no
“your tummy hurts?” shakes yes
“your head hurts?” shakes yes
“you want to snuggle with mommy all day?” yes

It was a good plan in theory but of course it would be proven wrong.

We managed to make it 2 hours before the misery started and 4 hours after that it was naptime before momma had a breakdown. Thankfully he woke up as the sweet boy and not mr miserable.


Until most recently Saturdays were reserved for chilling on the couch and just generally being lazy. This all stopped when I got the brilliant idea that my son needed something to do in the time between his daycare days. Seeing as I still work M-F I figured Saturday was the best bet. What to do? What to do? What to do? Lightbulb! Toddler gym! Of course. I pay my money, he runs around for an hour with some other kids, we all go home happy. Wrong. Well at least in the sense that I was still going to get to be lazy.

I underestimated my kid’s energy level while given free reign in a giant padded room. So I lasted approximately 25 minutes before realizing exactly how out of shape I was in denial about being. It was also at this point that I started vowing to hang my head in shame and never come back. Then my wonderfully energetic and exuberant little boy smiled at me and nodded emphatically when asked if he had fun and I knew we had become lifers. Plus as a bonus it wears him out so much he passes out for hours afterwards.

Okay, so Now what? One would think that considering I always have so much to say this wouldn’t be difficult but its different when blogging. Why did I want to do this? Apparently because I feel like I need to express myself in a forum where people may openly comment, for better or worse. Well, cheers everyone, I hope this is the beginning of a long, therapeutic relationship!

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