Until most recently Saturdays were reserved for chilling on the couch and just generally being lazy. This all stopped when I got the brilliant idea that my son needed something to do in the time between his daycare days. Seeing as I still work M-F I figured Saturday was the best bet. What to do? What to do? What to do? Lightbulb! Toddler gym! Of course. I pay my money, he runs around for an hour with some other kids, we all go home happy. Wrong. Well at least in the sense that I was still going to get to be lazy.

I underestimated my kid’s energy level while given free reign in a giant padded room. So I lasted approximately 25 minutes before realizing exactly how out of shape I was in denial about being. It was also at this point that I started vowing to hang my head in shame and never come back. Then my wonderfully energetic and exuberant little boy smiled at me and nodded emphatically when asked if he had fun and I knew we had become lifers. Plus as a bonus it wears him out so much he passes out for hours afterwards.