Go Canada Go!

I have to insert my pride before I go on about the points of cool and lame.

1. the welcoming was fantastic. loved the presentation and all the dancers.

2. Nelly Furtado (in heels that could have killed) and Bryan Adams were not a great combo, came off sounding like they were trying too hard to pretend they liked one another.

3. That man-on-wire-flies-through-air-in-an-acrobatic-representation-of-the-prairies….yeah, ya lost me.


5. kd Lang, sounded amazing, looked more manly than I remember.

6. Donald Sutherland. If there was ever a reason for my life to have a voice over…’nuff said.

7. the skiers, snowboarders, etc “on the mountain”. great idea but they looked ridiculously uncoordinated and like they just couldn’t really pull it off.

8. Technical difficulties? Are you fucking kidding me?

9. The man in motion himself bringing the flame into the stadium would have been made better by HIM lighting the torch.

10. The sincerity in which they addressed the unfortunate and tragic event that took the life of the Georgian luger.

Overall job well done. Had me all sentimental.