I should have known it was going to be one of those days the minute he woke up. He had yet again spent the night in my bed occasionally kicking me or snoring softly. It was about 730 when it started….

“Mmmmm” (his favourite noise), poke, poke, tap
I open my eyes and he is millimeters from my face (at least I don’t need to put my glasses on) and he signs eat.
“Go back to sleep”
He puts his hand under his cheek on the pillow, closes his eyes and makes his sleeping face.
I notice it sounds more demanding this time. I open my eyes again and if possible he’s actually closer. Our foreheads are touching. We are nose to nose. He gives me an Eskimo kiss and giggles. and he signs eat.
“you’re not going back to sleep are you?”
he shakes his head no.
30 minutes later his hunger sated by a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk he is ready to snuggle.
“baby doesn’t feel good?” shakes his head no
“your tummy hurts?” shakes yes
“your head hurts?” shakes yes
“you want to snuggle with mommy all day?” yes

It was a good plan in theory but of course it would be proven wrong.

We managed to make it 2 hours before the misery started and 4 hours after that it was naptime before momma had a breakdown. Thankfully he woke up as the sweet boy and not mr miserable.