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Today is the boy’s sharing day in JK. This month they are sharing favourite nursery rhymes and are to recite their personal favourites to the class. Sounds very cute except that there is no way my son’s limited vocabulary and pronunciation will ever allow that to happen. The note he brought home mentioned the kids could bring props……so I made him one.


The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout….

Down came the rain and washed the spider out….

Out came the sun and dried up all the rain….

So the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again….


After hearing that the teachers were not handing out poppies to the students today, a fact I can’t confirm, I was doubly proud that my son would be wearing this one.

Cut out of a piece of red and black fabric and sewn to his shirt, it took a total of five minutes to make and is worth a thousand words.

When he asked why he was wearing it, I told him it was a special way to remember his “big poppa” (his great grandpa) on this day and he smiled as he thought of him.

As he gets older, and can understand more, he will be taught the significance of Remembrance Day and hopefully gain appreciation for the symbol we wear with pride.


Update: I was pleased to see they gave the kids poppy stickers to wear today so the boy ended up with two poppies on his shirt.

The twins were turning one! Originally I was going to make two completely different blankets but I just ran out of time. Mostly because I have a major procrastination problem and at the time a bit of creative block. And while I liked the final outcome I feel like I rushed it and therefore I didn’t do as good a job as I could have.

Also, I have hardly any pictures of the process because I killed my previous phone. Drowned it actually, and all the pictures with it. It was a sad time. I did post a picture or two here before I took my phone for a swim but it hardly shows much.

At one point my bff Michelle said we should spend a crafty day together and I was all hells yeah! She may be regretting that now because I made her work like I owned sweatshop. We spent a feverish five hours working on this thing, her pining seams and ripping out the ones that couldn’t be persuaded to line up, me sewing them all back together. Her ironing. Me sewing. It was madness!! And then it was done! well the top anyhow.

I like to make my quilt sandwiches on the floor because it is the biggest area of free space that I can lay out the whole thing. And since my mother (lives right next door, is a better housekeeper, can be coerced into helping and until recently didn’t have a dog walking all over her house) has a really nice big floor space I tend to go there for the sandwiching process. There was more ironing and then taping and ironing and arranging and arranging and finally, pinning. We had at least 150 pins in it and needed more! Except I didn’t have any more note to self: you still need to buy more pins! and then it was time to bring M back to the train station so I was on my own for the quilting.

I made it about halfway when I knew there was no way I could ever finish it, and make an entire new quilt in the next 12 hours. I had failed the deadline miserably. So I stepped back, spread the quilt out and looked at it. Then I did some measurements and realized that I could cut it completely in half and finish at least the quilting on each. and then both girls would have a present, finished or not!

After finally completing the binding I was in such a hurry to get them delivered I forgot to take pictures! (major facepalm!) but I knew where they were going and it gave me an excuse to go visit the girlies at the same time.

So here they are, sort of, the end results of my (and M’s) blood, sweat, tears and time:



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