So the daughter of one of my bestest friends is having twins. she has been told time and again that they are girls and I hope the u/s tech is right because otherwise I have to rethink this gift!

Having long decided I wanted to start making quilts (because I love them so) I thought what better gift than something homemade? Of course I always try to get away with homemade stuff as much as I possibly can. Technically it’s not cheaper because you still have to buy all the materials but they are definitely more fun to purchase. The hard part is waiting to see if the recipient is actually going to like the gift. So far I haven’t had anyone blatantly say “thanks, this totally sucks” but I can never be sure they aren’t saying it after I walk away.  I posted some pics a few weeks back once I had all the pieces cut out trying to make up my mind about the order they should go in. Those pictures did not have the greatest lighting but I posted them nevertheless (because I’m cool like that). Here is the finished product.

They turned out smaller than I originally wanted but having never put together an actual quilt (let alone two!) I was not exactly sure what I was doing.  I kinda like them tho, they look really sweet. and this was my absolute favourite block….

M and I did a fabric swap a little while back and she sent me this fabulous little swatch of birds. Originally I was going to embroider a bird on the branch but I like this much better. I still have a bunch of it left and I can get that branch fabric in more colours and I think I am needing to get my idea book out again! and I need to find more of that fabric or something similar. 

The worst part ever was the binding. I was petrified of doing the binding but it actually isn’t that bad. It goes a lot faster than I thought it would and only hurt my wrist a little towards the end. At least I can say I did it all by machine and hand, binding and all. I used an old sheet for the binding and it’s doubled so that could be where the problem lies. Next time I will know better.

And now the wait to see if she actually likes them begins….