Saturday was spent like this.The boy was sick, sick, sick. Vomiting sick – which btw is the most hilarious thing I have ever seen him do. Most kids freak out when they vomit but not my boy. He just bends at the waist and lets it go – then signs that he’s hungry…um, no. Then he’s all seriously I want something to eat! and I’m like kid you just barfed all over my living room you think I’m gonna give you food? you’re crazy! the ASL gets more and more demanding along with the stares (I so need to get a pic of his demanding stare!) before I finally give in and say okay, you want some saltines? Compromise – he gets food and I get a slight bit of hope that the crackers will settle his stomach. Back to the picture. He would fall asleep for an hour or so then get up with a burst of energy and want to go outside so we took his cot out to the yard and when he was tired again he just climbed in and slept for a while.

Sunday morning I spent at Value Village.  Normally I don’t go there for an entire morning but on this particular Sunday I locked my keys in my car. yep. I think it was karma from the previous night when my father and I were discussing religion and I told him I didn’t believe in it. Does God smite people by inconvenience? Regardless, the boy and I found 4 pairs of pants that I turned into shorts for him and one pair of Palomino jeans – score! We also found these lovely items….

a Teddy Ruxpin rain slicker!

which I didn’t buy and…


I really wanted to buy this for the boy. Had a hard time leaving it behind but I just literally do not own any type of machine that would record CD on to tape. do they still sell tapes? regardless I feel bad looking at this little machine all sad and needing a home…I might have to go back and save him.

and finally I found more sheets. my Village shop has a plethora (yes PLETHORA) of “vintage” sheets. I should really start buying them up and storing them but that’s another day…these are not vintage (well not the flowers) but these are the sheets I did purchase…


I have yet to figure out what to do with them but maybe something with that strip sheet? Hey now, wouldn’t that be fun??? with a little of that Garden Vanilla thrown in there? Oh this is getting exciting! time to start putting it down on paper now that there is a pattern forming (give me a second……and done – not joking)

Finally, this is what I did on Monday morning probably while you were still sleeping while I should have been getting ready for work. This used to be my favourite pair of pants. I wore them to death or rather until there were threadbare spots in places where there should definitely be threads! then I decided to do this…


and then I wore it to work. the end.