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I made this awesome purse for someone at work. I loved this bag and almost almost regret selling it because I loved it so much.

She didn’t like my original design colours (grey and something) and then started asking for red/black or vibrant colours and it needed this and needed that and I was like okay nevermind I am so not making you a purse anymore……I don’t like people infringing on my creative process.


So after much thought and sifting through my fabric stash I found this red and black awesomeness and received some free stash from M that I used for the liner. It was a nice heavy fabric that gave the bag a nice weight and made it “more winter/cold weather friendly”. I also used some of the wool from my old winter coat for the bottom, sides and button clasp as well as the button, it came from the coat also.

You like the little bird right? I use them on all the projects I am really proud of they also came from M’s stash way back in the day

The end result was simply fantastic. One pocket on the inside running the length of the bag, a pocket on either end all with elastic tops to minimize things from falling out. Button closure. Two medium length straps perfect for keeping the bag under arm or to hang at a reasonable height from your elbow. Seriously I loved this creation.


How do people actually forget what winter driving is like? and I mean people that live in Canada year round.  Because I have literally had my licence for half my life now and I have never once forgotten how it is to drive in the winter weather. Maybe it’s because I learned to drive in the winter or maybe its because I am not an idiot.

So because why not? here is a top 5 list of my personal driving peeves feel free to agree, disagree and add yours to the list.

1. people who do not brush all the snow off their cars – how much extra time does it take to clear that friggin avalanche-waiting-to-happen off the top of your car so that you don’t snow blind the person behind you or yourself if you stop fast?

2. people who only clear a fraction of their windows  – you know the ones, their entire front and rear windshields are covered with ice and they have cleared themselves a small, circular section to see out of and that is it.

3. people who drive really fast because they have snow tires or 4-wheel drive – newsflash people, those tires give you extra grip they do not perform miracles.

4. people who do not signal – TURN ON YOUR DAMN SIGNAL! how hard is it to move that little handle up and down? really?

5. people who blame the weather – you can’t blame the weather for making you a bad driver, the weather was here long before you and your car, you’re the one that has to adapt.

I could probably go one forever because I like to complain but sadly, the reality is that there are just a lot of really bad drivers out on the roads. I am not saying I am the best driver on the road because I have made mistakes and I admit that I could probably have done better on some occasion but I’ve never driven carelessly in the winter.

The point is don’t blame the weather, blame the driver because that car isn’t driving itself….unless it’s name is Christine….

ps. the book was better so borrow it from the library, go home and stay there until the snow melts!

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