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I finally started working on a new quilt top last night. It’s been so long seriously like at least three weeks now that I almost forgot how to use my rulers. okay, there’s my straight edge, now I need to do what to get a 5″ square again? wait, it needs to go the other way. Crap I need to be left handed to do this. I am quite ambidextrous normally and even though I am primarily right handed I do so much with my left hand that I should be able to use a rotary cutter right? umm, no, not so much! The lines tend to come out all squigley and crooked and veering off to the left. its not pretty. And the cutting of the pieces is so not my favourite part of the process. partly because I loathe having to do repetitive things and partly because I hate to cut up really pretty fabrics even if I tend to mash them together into something incredible. not that everything I make is incredible but hey I am still learning!

Someday I will be making incredible stuff like Aneela of comfortstitching or Jeni of In Color Order. I just love their work. There are a tonne more that I could list but seriously it would take all day and then I wouldn’t get any work done and you might get bored so lets just move on. Maybe I will start posting a new favourite with each blog. That could be fun!

Anyhow back my new quilt-top-in-progress. I had all these purple and purple accented sheets to work with so I started cutting up blocks and this is what I’ve come up with so far. I took the pictures with the squares well square but I am thinking I might turn them so they are diamonds on the quilt. I only have two done so far but its because I was mostly cutting last night and not piecing.



and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make a couple blocks out of these or just use them as accents. I’ll figure it out later and let you know.

Trying to think of a blog title totally reminded me of this song by The Black Ghosts. Love it, love them, enjoy. (my favourite part is about 1:48 LOL)


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