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Last week sometime Brittany at Barefoot Foodie posted her soundtrack for the day and seriously if you aren’t reading her blog yet there is something wrong with you because she is HILARIOUS and I thought it was a fantastic idea.

so I am copying it.

only with my own playlist, not hers, because I don’t think we have the same taste in music at all….jokes, she has some great tunes on there, especially Coconut Records – West Coast

and since I will be spending some quality time with my sewing machine on Friday and I always have music playing I thought I would share some with you….you don’t have to like it.

after all these are my faves, you can go make a list of your own to share.

Also, this list is not really in order of preference…just the first 10 random songs that played on my Sony Walkman….yes, Walkman! no iPods here.

1. Florence and the Machine – Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)


2. MGMT – Kids – I don’t like the actual video for this song sorry.


3. City and Colour – Sleeping Sickness


4. The Watchmen – All Uncovered – seriously one of MY ABSOLUTE FAVES


5. Deathcab For Cutie – I Will Follow You into the Dark


6. She & Him – Sentimental Heart


7. Kings of Leon – Pyro


8. Adele – Chasing Pavements


9. Arkells – Pullin’ Punches


10. Mumford and Sons – White Blank Page


Also on Friday we will be saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to my beloved country so as with this list, my Friday sewing music will definitely include some great Canadian bands!


They were playing at every craft show my mom and I hit up this weekend.

I love craft shows but wow I feel like this year is just flying by. maybe its the anticipation of all the things I’ve had and have going on this year surgeries, illness, milestones, new words, and new babies expected! so to have Christmas not so much sneaking up on me but flying towards me as if on a bullet train… I start hyperventilating. and then I start spending money which brings us full circle to the craft shows.

thankfully I don’t attend the craft shows with the intent to buy them out its just something my mom and I do. as often as possible.

I didn’t buy much. In fact I mostly bought fabric (as usual) but I did pick up a few treats…

(This has the most incredible pine candle in it)

(Mmm, fudge)

(Fantastic fabric one)

(Fantastic fabrics two)

And then I came home and started working on another quilt…
Step one, cut a million little squares and sew them to larger squares.

Step 2 cut all the corners off.

Step 3 iron into squares

And this is partially what it looks like put together. Maybe tomorrow I will get to post the finished top but don’t hold your breath.

I found this on the internets while I should have been working was taking a break today. “seamed” ever so fitting to my attempts at crafting last night. especially #23 (which may or may not be #17now). Keep in mind this does pertain more to sewing garments then quilting. It has not been copied in its entirety and the numbers are a bit out of order from the original because of that.

Things I’ve Learned From Sewing at 2:00 a.m.

  1. My bobbin winder hates me.
    Lisa Ashton’s Corollary:
    Don’t try to talk on the phone and sew a straight seam unless you intend for your finger to be included. Blood on white fabric is frustrating, and the screaming scares the cat.
  2. The more you try to fix the hem, the more you will screw it up.
    Lisa Ashton’s Corollary:
    If you have just sewn the same seam inside out or right side to wrong side TWICE, it’s time for a break.
  3. I need a serger.
  4. If the neck hole was too little the first time, only cut a little bit off at a time. There’s no going back. I now have an off-the-shoulder undertunic.
  5. If you’re trying on the garb you’re sewing over and over to get the right fit, it’s easier just to sew nekkid. Someone please tell me I’m not alone.
  6. The first time you sew it together, use a big stitch. They’re easier to pull out.
  7. Trying to convince yourself that no one will notice that the sleeves are two different lengths gets easier as the night goes on.
  8. They play really crappy music on the radio at 2:00 a.m.
  9. Ignore the “Buy 1 more yard than you think you’ll need” rule. Replace it with the “Buy 7 more yards than you think you’ll need” rule.
  10. Get $1/yard fabric. Then you won’t swear at yourself so much.
  11. The warning on cold medicine that says you shouldn’t operate heavy machinery while on this drug should state sewing machines specifically.
  12. If you’re going to be trying on something that’s pinned, and have to pull it over your head, remember to wear protective eye gear.
  13. The numbers on my tape measure move. They must. I’ve measured 3 times, and it’s still not working.
  14. You really do have to match plaids or your butt looks funny.
  15. At 4:00 AM, leaving the garb too big sounds perfectly acceptable.
  16. No matter what you learned from your last 2:00 a.m. sewathon, you’re gonna do it all again.
  17. Never cut fabric strips in the middle of the night!
    Michele Sol – ask her about her belly dancing outfit experience.
  18. It is best not to continue the project once the cat decides that you are still sitting at their night time sleeping area.
    Alix Jordan

*no copyright intended. I do not own this information. Link is to original post as found online.

I finally started working on a new quilt top last night. It’s been so long seriously like at least three weeks now that I almost forgot how to use my rulers. okay, there’s my straight edge, now I need to do what to get a 5″ square again? wait, it needs to go the other way. Crap I need to be left handed to do this. I am quite ambidextrous normally and even though I am primarily right handed I do so much with my left hand that I should be able to use a rotary cutter right? umm, no, not so much! The lines tend to come out all squigley and crooked and veering off to the left. its not pretty. And the cutting of the pieces is so not my favourite part of the process. partly because I loathe having to do repetitive things and partly because I hate to cut up really pretty fabrics even if I tend to mash them together into something incredible. not that everything I make is incredible but hey I am still learning!

Someday I will be making incredible stuff like Aneela of comfortstitching or Jeni of In Color Order. I just love their work. There are a tonne more that I could list but seriously it would take all day and then I wouldn’t get any work done and you might get bored so lets just move on. Maybe I will start posting a new favourite with each blog. That could be fun!

Anyhow back my new quilt-top-in-progress. I had all these purple and purple accented sheets to work with so I started cutting up blocks and this is what I’ve come up with so far. I took the pictures with the squares well square but I am thinking I might turn them so they are diamonds on the quilt. I only have two done so far but its because I was mostly cutting last night and not piecing.



and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make a couple blocks out of these or just use them as accents. I’ll figure it out later and let you know.

Trying to think of a blog title totally reminded me of this song by The Black Ghosts. Love it, love them, enjoy. (my favourite part is about 1:48 LOL)

I am still working on getting myself organized with regards to my quilting there‘s no hope for the rest of my life. To do this I’ve made a few purchases and put them to the best use I could.

My first purchase was a new cutting mat. It is much bigger than the teeny-tiny little one that came in the kit I bought a month or so ago. And I am already wanting to replace my wheel cutter so I will for sure be looking for sales on those. 


Also I find myself constantly purchasing or wanting to purchase more fabric. And because it is infinitely cheaper to reuse fabrics I’ve been spending A LOT of money and time at Value Village. Of course this doesn’t curb my yearning for brilliant pieces from Moda but I’ve decided those will be the delicacies reserved for once a month splurges or if there is a really great deal.  And I can’t wait for the mail to deliver me my fix for this month. 


Again in the interest of saving money I decided to hit a few yard sales to look for a bookshelf or small cabinet which I planned on using to hold my fabrics. We hit paydirt at the first sale and scored a new-in-the-box smallish bookshelf for $10. Yessir, I will rip you off by only paying you $10 for this shelf. It was the perfect bookshelf. It colour-matched the one already in the boy’s room and I figured it would be better suited there with some bins for toys. We had no more luck at the sales for the rest of the morning so I resigned myself to having to look for something new for me and my stash.


This little cupboard in the pics is really cute, holds a surprising amount of fabric and can be closed so I don’t have to look at it if I don’t want to. And I can store my sewing machine right on top if I need my entire table top.


I still need go through and cut up some of these into smaller, more manageable pieces but that is something I can do on a nightly basis, one day at a time so for now I am just closing the doors and hitting the hay.

Have you ever done something you regret instantly?

And then it shows up on the interwebs? yeah, me to. Unfortunately I was the one that posted it and it was this…


I had this idea in my head and put it on paper and then even laid out the pieces before sewing. I kept thinking something just isn’t right. yet I continued to piece it together and it was just so wrong. I think I was hoping it was so wrong it would turn out to be right hey, sometimes that happens! but sadly that was not the case with this monstrosity. and sometimes I need to see something in its entirety before I can say, okay, that’s not going to work…moving on. and at least I am able to determine I am wrong and move on. so I ripped it apart literally the next night and proceeded to redo it.

I decided that it needed more of the same fabrics but also more of a plain colour to break them up a bit. I think I succeeded.


I am much happier with the way it looks now. it is so. much. better.

The blessing? inspiration is found everywhere I look.

The curse? I have too many ideas and not enough money.

This is what I did Tuesday night…

Quilt top only. to be finished at a later date

Life Savers and Stripes

I love this.  I have never made anything for myself. In all the years I have been crafting various gifts and knickknacks and stuff I have never once finished a project for me. This is for me. the strips and the life savers are so vibrant granted this pic doesn’t do them justice that I fell in love with it the moment I found the sheets. It actually took many forms before I decided to just put it together in long strips or stripes if you will but I think it turned out quite nicely. It makes me smile and think happy thoughts to look at it. I haven’t yet finished it. I have decided I am going to make quilts for everyone this year, immediate family only, for Christmas and in order to do this I thought I better get to work. In an effort to conserve time I thought I would put together all the tops, then do all the backings and bindings one after another. I’m not sure how this will work out but it sounds good in theory. but before any of that can happen I have one that I need to finish before the middle of August….

2 of 8 blocks. the leaves are made by the boy's hands covered in fabric paint and smeared. he really liked helping with that part

These blocks will form the middle section of a quilt top.

It is going to be spectacular and it’s for a very special lady at my son’s daycare who is leaving. Granted he’s not even in her class anymore but I felt an immediate bond with her as did the boy and she made the transition to daycare just so much easier. I feel like I owe her a lifetime of gratitude because she is such a wonderful person. I hope I can will finish it in time and it will look as good finished as it does in my head.


So I decided I was going to get a new sewing machine. This is not it. Not that there was anything wrong with this one specifically I just wanted it to do more. I am fairly certain I could have made it do all those fancy-schmansy designs if I tried hard enough but let’s face it, that would never happen! If there is an easier way to do things and still get it right I will find it. Guaranteed.

Now the problem with living the easy life is that it usually takes money in which I am definitely not rolling so off to Walmart we go, land of the cheap and easy to see what they have available. and there on the shelf, semi-reasonably priced, was this lovely model….


I thought it was it was a nice compromise between the machine I owned and the over-priced computerised model next to it. Off to the register we go! I got home and placed the box lovingly on the sewing table eager to open it like it were Christmas morn but then life happened. So 24 hrs later when I was finally able to take a peak you can imagine my surprise when I find this……


Turns out that the factory mistakenly put a better, more expensive, computerized model in the box that was supposed to be my new next step up from simple sewing maching. Can you say triple word SCORE!?!

So not only was Value Village having a very well advertised 50% off sale that I was completely oblivious to but I actually managed to battle my way through the masses (with the boy in tow) and find these incredibly fantastic items!

One superfantastic (smallish) piece of flower print and 2 sheets. I am so in love with this stripe sheet I almost hurt when I think about cutting it up but when you pair it with this the hurt subsides immensely.

superfantastic Value Village finds for less than $5

btw – did I mention I only had $5 on my at time of said sale? No? well now you know… and I got change!

In case you didn’t follow the link to the pic  go here now. seriously. you won’t be disappointed.

Second: My friend M totally ROCKS! She won a giveaway on SewMamaSew and very generously let me pick a print for myself (cost of the print is slightly foggy to me but we’ll sort it out) and I am so very excited!

Still haven’t checked out that link? okay, I’ll just show you!

Garden Vanilla - Freebird by Momo

If you are thinking I am nuts and the two are going to clash horribly well I would say that not only are you wrong but also shut up, it’s my blanket! This picture just doesn’t do it justice. The background colour of the fabric is actually white not cream (you can see this if you check the first link to the picture) and the colours of the flowers are going to match spectacularly. seriously, it’s perfect! In my head the blanket is done. I wish it were that easy.

Lastly, I  finally received a PayPal receipt of payment for this super fantastic hat pattern by Leila & Ben that I cannot wait to make for the boy.  Actually I think I may be more excited to go back to the Village to search out some corduroy that I can refashion into the hat- and this time I will take more cash with me – but to know this super cute hat pattern is on its way to me is very exciting!

And since I have used up my link quota for the week in this one blog I better get back to work.





The only problem with having so many wonderful options and wanting to use them all is deciding which order works best for the fabrics.

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