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One pillow, with circular cut-out, cream on blue. I used a basic, 14×14 pillow form and canvas materials. The pattern was close enough on each fabric that it almost matched. I quite loved this pillow.


One prefab baby blanket. I am not usually a fan of these because the “creative” work is already done, but how cute is this? I machine quilted and hand sewed the binding. New and recycled materials were used for this project.


Both of these items were donated to a fundraiser to be auctioned off to raise money for the revitalization of a local town park. I hope they do well!


Before I had the handsomest, most wonderful boy I was not one of those people that got super excited when someone told me they were expecting. I mean I would congratulate them and all but deep down….well lets just leave it at that shall we?

Anyhow, that changed after I had my own because kids just change you! I like to think that they mostly change you for the better and I can now honestly say I get excited when most people tell me they are expecting!

I’ve gotten excited a lot over the past couple months because there will be several new babies in my personal universe this year!

I might be a little biased about one in particularshe’ll be making her debut this summer but that’s okay because I’m the auntie! and aunties are supposed to get super excited!!

And sometimes aunties like me! make things for their babies. So I made a blanket of course! and really are you surprised by this?


Isn’t it cute?

I found this piece at Joann Fabrics when I went to visit one if my bff’s for a weekend. I have learned to curb my spending there after the first visit when I spent SO MUCH MONEY so I wouldn’t be broke five minutes after getting there! It is way too easy for me to spend money on fabric which is why I try my best to reclaim and that gets expensive!

I am sure I am not alone in this when I say the fabric speaks to me. I swear I’m not crazy. I mean I can literally walk around looking at fabrics for hours and not find a single thing that “feels” right while other times I know in two minutes.

I had picked out a half dozen other fabrics when I came across this one and the image of the finished project flashed through my mind. wow, I am not doing much to disprove the crazy theory am I? I put all the other bolts back.

I normally like to cut and piece but this was a first for me, starting with something that was already half done! I’m not going to lie, I liked the simplicity. But it was already SO cute, I only aimed to emphasize the cuteness.


I hope I was successful. I embroidered around the animals and the circles around them, finishing the sandwich off on the machine following the borders already in place and completing it with a pieced binding.

I procrastinated as usual but for once managed to finish something with time to spare by which I mean I wasn’t sitting in the driveway of the party location still sewing! which sadly has happened on more than one occasion.

So I made cupcakes!


They were awesome.

I made this today on a whim.

It’s a perfect little boy blanket with a cotton dinosaur print on one side and fleece on the other.

I considered just making it a duvet but decided to finish it off after I flipped it right side out. I stitched it all the way around to give it a nice edge without having to bind it.


Seriously simple, seriously cute!

The twins were turning one! Originally I was going to make two completely different blankets but I just ran out of time. Mostly because I have a major procrastination problem and at the time a bit of creative block. And while I liked the final outcome I feel like I rushed it and therefore I didn’t do as good a job as I could have.

Also, I have hardly any pictures of the process because I killed my previous phone. Drowned it actually, and all the pictures with it. It was a sad time. I did post a picture or two here before I took my phone for a swim but it hardly shows much.

At one point my bff Michelle said we should spend a crafty day together and I was all hells yeah! She may be regretting that now because I made her work like I owned sweatshop. We spent a feverish five hours working on this thing, her pining seams and ripping out the ones that couldn’t be persuaded to line up, me sewing them all back together. Her ironing. Me sewing. It was madness!! And then it was done! well the top anyhow.

I like to make my quilt sandwiches on the floor because it is the biggest area of free space that I can lay out the whole thing. And since my mother (lives right next door, is a better housekeeper, can be coerced into helping and until recently didn’t have a dog walking all over her house) has a really nice big floor space I tend to go there for the sandwiching process. There was more ironing and then taping and ironing and arranging and arranging and finally, pinning. We had at least 150 pins in it and needed more! Except I didn’t have any more note to self: you still need to buy more pins! and then it was time to bring M back to the train station so I was on my own for the quilting.

I made it about halfway when I knew there was no way I could ever finish it, and make an entire new quilt in the next 12 hours. I had failed the deadline miserably. So I stepped back, spread the quilt out and looked at it. Then I did some measurements and realized that I could cut it completely in half and finish at least the quilting on each. and then both girls would have a present, finished or not!

After finally completing the binding I was in such a hurry to get them delivered I forgot to take pictures! (major facepalm!) but I knew where they were going and it gave me an excuse to go visit the girlies at the same time.

So here they are, sort of, the end results of my (and M’s) blood, sweat, tears and time:



Materials gathered….

Fabric taped to the floor and pins ready…



Machine sew on the edging…

Finished by hand (or paw)….


Paddington made a blanket (with a little help from me)


Anyone else would be waving the white flag by now….

Not me…..I’m a glutton for punishment. 

Its almost midnight….

This is only partially quilted….

I may not sleep tonight….


okay, I may sleep a little.





as long as you don’t count all the pieces I had to take apart and re-sew.  

Literally. There are just so. many. seams.

What was I thinking?

Right…I like a challenge.


The good thing about this plan is: if you’ve pressed all the individual pieces you can finger press the seams open after each section is sewn on and worry about using an iron once you are done.
But wow, that’s a lot of seams….

They do look nice once the hot iron gets its chance to prove its worth.

Unfortunately I did not get any sewing machine time this weekend and I am insanely tired tonight so I was getting slower and slower and slower as each block went together. I managed 10 in an hour and a half. I think I better step up the pace if I want to make my deadline.

Do you prefer a centred block…

Or an offcentre block…

There was supposed to be a third option of this really funky starburst block that Film In The Fridge has created a tutorial for on her blog but dude not only is it a huge waste of materials but also more difficult than it looks (notetoself: try again when not under time and fabric constraints)

So the question stands, which do you prefer?

at least until I finish these next projects. yes, projects. because I am that good…or that crazy…the jury is still out

I love the whole process of building something from scratch. I try to put my ideas to paper as much as possible but I’m not an artist so sometimes what I draw and the idea/picture in my mind don’t mesh. Other times I just draw several scenarios about the same idea to see which I like the most and go from there. I don’t think I’ve ever created anything that exactly matched the pictures I’ve drawn. Most of the time I just make it up as I go and yes that can result in taking a lot of things apart.

Sometimes the planning is only this…
Rudimentary figures at best.

Picking the fabric is actually the first step of the project for me, even if I don’t actually have a project in mind. These fabrics for instance have been hanging out in my stash for a while now and knowing I needed enough of the same for two similar projects it was perfect. Also it is girly but not overly so.



I did these letters up tonight as a starting point.



I have a vague notion of how I am going to proceed and I’ll be documenting my progress so stay tuned!

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