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I once put a bell on one of the doorknobs for Christmas. It made a nice jingle-jangley sound every time we opened the door. I liked it.

At the time we also had a six month old pup that still hadn’t nailed down a sign to tell us when he needed to go out. I didn’t like that so much.

And then a few days later the bell rang.

Strange, I thought to myself, as I went to investigate.

I found our dog standing next to the door nosing the bell. He then pointedly began hitting the bell and looking at me until I figured it out!

Three years later the Christmas bell is still on the doorknob and our training issues went away……until now.

We recently and by recently I mean it’s been a month and a half brought a new pup into our house.

Our son named her Daisy.


baby Daisy

She was so cute, and for the first three days never made a mess on the floor once and then it all went to hell.

Being somewhat optimistic about the training process I naively figured she would pick up on the bell trick immediately and we would have the fastest trained pup in history. Like I said, naive. For one thing, she couldn’t even reach the bell. Until now.

Daisy loves the bell.

A lot.

She likes to ring it for everything. EVERYTHING. And so enthusiastically.

When she wants a drink, she rings the bell.

When she’s hungry, she rings the bell.

When her favourite toy (our kitten Ralph) is ignoring her, she rings the bell.

Yesterday she rang the bell because her food dish was upside down and her food was “trapped”.

She rings the bell for everything she can think of….except to go pee, that she just does on the floor.

I am trying to stay positive that she will eventually figure out the whole peeing outside thing because I think we can expect some very interesting times with this pup.


12 wk old Daisy


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