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I have a new found love of peasant dresses. Even if the elastic is a pain in the ass to put in and hurts my still healing, post carpal tunnel repaired wrist. And why does my machine not like to sew elastic together??? Wtf is up with that? It will bunch on the bottom no matter how much I adjust the tension. ONLY when I join the elastic. Seriously, it’s f’ed up.

Anyways…I had this amazing fabric just lying around for years waiting for the right project. I just couldn’t justify cutting it up when I was so uncertain what to do with it. I’m glad I didn’t because when I decided to make a dress I knew it would be perfect. It was and it turned into this….


I followed this pattern by Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom. It’s a free tutorial and quite easy to follow. The sizing was a bit off for my little one however. I followed the 12-18m size but for my teeny 16mo girl it still fit like a potato sack.

I don’t know about you but the only time I can get some real alone time with the sewing machine is after the kids have gone to bed. Unfortunately that means anything I need to try on them and adjust has to wait until morning and I’m not the most patient person so I get really excited for the kids to wake up after a night of crafting.
Today was no different.

After trying it on her I knew the elastic would need to be shortened and some sort of belt required to lessen the potato-sackedness help give it more shape.


I sewed the belt right to the front of the dress so I wouldn’t be able to lose it there would be more contrast along with the sleeves.


The end result was awesome. And she looks SO FRIGGIN CUTE!


I’m still debating whether putting a strip of contrast around the bottom is a good idea or a fantastic one.

*my OCD got in the way after putting the belt on too low and immediately I had to rip the seams and move it up. Kudos to anyone that noticed the difference between the picture of it on the bed vs on the girl.

I don’t normally start another project immediately following one because I like to revel in the glory of the awesomeness I created but I couldn’t help myself this time. I’ve got the picture in my mind and the fabric ready to go……stay tuned!


Halloween is approaching once again and the fun of costuming my willing little partner began…

He had a hard time choosing this year jumping back and forth between Mario to a “Transpormer” and then to Spiderman and Thor (only because of the giant hammer!) and back to Mario…… I had to step in.

My mother and I went on a scouting visit to Value Village to see what was available there for a feisty five year old. I discovered that unless I wanted him wielding swords, hammers, knives or any other weapon I needed to keep looking and that’s when I found the used costume rack for kids (YAY! for people who take care of stuff!). I found a Mario costume in really good condition for only $5.99. Sure it was missing the hat and fake mustache but like that would stop me! So after purchasing the costume and some black makeup for a mustache we were off to Fabricland.

And $10 later we had a pattern and some material.

I took a few pictures of the progress….






Don’t let the pictures fool you, this pattern was a bitch to follow for a non-patterny person such as myself, but I muddled my way through and the end results are fantastic.

Costume and Makeup – $6.50
Hat pattern and fabric – $10
The boy’s pure awesomeness – priceless.


*Burda Kids pattern 9507 “D”
*Boiled Wool, red.

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