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Pinterest strikes again!

Seriously, I might be obsessed at this point.

This month’s school project was to turn an item (or items) from the recycling box into something else.

In other words, upcycle the recycle!

We dug out some tin cans and got to painting…




I thought we could turn them into wind chimes. A rainbow window chime.

We gathered string and bottle caps. We punched holes in the caps and cans. We tried and tried to tie the cans together to make anything that would resemble a wind chime. And when that went to hell in a hand basket I went on Pinterest.

And saw this awesomeness pinned. A tin-can lantern? Yeah we can!

The holes required a little more than a hammer and nail, so we enlisted dad’s help because while he says I don’t know how to use the power tools really it’s just that he doesn’t like to share his toys


And then gave it a new paint job with something more durable to the elements (Chrome!)….


Let it dry and …..






Too bad we don’t get marks in SK because this totally deserves an A+


The blessing? inspiration is found everywhere I look.

The curse? I have too many ideas and not enough money.

This is what I did Tuesday night…

Quilt top only. to be finished at a later date

Life Savers and Stripes

I love this.  I have never made anything for myself. In all the years I have been crafting various gifts and knickknacks and stuff I have never once finished a project for me. This is for me. the strips and the life savers are so vibrant granted this pic doesn’t do them justice that I fell in love with it the moment I found the sheets. It actually took many forms before I decided to just put it together in long strips or stripes if you will but I think it turned out quite nicely. It makes me smile and think happy thoughts to look at it. I haven’t yet finished it. I have decided I am going to make quilts for everyone this year, immediate family only, for Christmas and in order to do this I thought I better get to work. In an effort to conserve time I thought I would put together all the tops, then do all the backings and bindings one after another. I’m not sure how this will work out but it sounds good in theory. but before any of that can happen I have one that I need to finish before the middle of August….

2 of 8 blocks. the leaves are made by the boy's hands covered in fabric paint and smeared. he really liked helping with that part

These blocks will form the middle section of a quilt top.

It is going to be spectacular and it’s for a very special lady at my son’s daycare who is leaving. Granted he’s not even in her class anymore but I felt an immediate bond with her as did the boy and she made the transition to daycare just so much easier. I feel like I owe her a lifetime of gratitude because she is such a wonderful person. I hope I can will finish it in time and it will look as good finished as it does in my head.

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