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Cough. Cough. Hack-hack.

Its 130am and I am up coughing and hacking once again. At least this time I don’t have to work tomorrow.

but sadly its not the only thing that’s been keeping me up at night. 

This past week marked the trial of a psychopath in my community. his actions have ruined so many lives and he will now spend the remainder of his life behind bars. the media has reported that the healing can finally begin now that justice has been served but can it? is it that simple?

this trial was surprisingly public in details. there were live Twitter feeds directly from the courthouse. The confession tape has been played on numerous media websites and news channels. And his face has been on the cover of every newspaper.

And then it was over.

After all the gory details had been laid bare it was over in 4 days. And even though the charges in total added up to over 140 years it doesn’t seem like enough. Not when the sentences will run concurrent and he is “eligible” for parole in 25 years. He should never have the option of being eligible for anything. ever again.

This whole situation has made me just that much more paranoid about the world we live in. And it makes me nervous about the future.

My son’s future.

I wonder how anyone could grow up to be that person.  

I look at my sweet, innocent boy and I am afraid for him. Its hard to fight the anxiety that comes with letting him grow and try new things and eventually going off on his own in the years to come. I wonder about the person he will become.

I wonder how to teach him that there are monsters hiding in plain sight and worry about keeping him safe from them.


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