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I really wanted to post about my son’s new found respect for his lower appendage but decided he may grow up to hate me for it so I won’t but oh my GAWD the stuff he says and does is hilarious and really, its probably normal….except the trying to feed it part….that’s…that’s a little odd….

but he’s a kid. a boy kid. he explores and tests limits and does things many people find disgusting but that’s the best part about being a kid because one day he’s going to grow up and people will frown upon him doing that stuff and depending on what it is I may frown also but for now its all learning material.

and he is most definitely a boy who learns from seeing and doing versus getting it from a book because right now I’m more concerned about what that stuff is on his shirt and him pooping in the yard because he didn’t feel like coming into the house to go to the bathroom. seriously, I’ve even considered toilet training the dogs so they might be a better influence.

maybe its because he’s a country boy. not like backwoods Bon Tempe country just countrified. we are rural. our backyard is a football field filled with trees and weeds, a river and trails for “wreck-reational” machines, an overgrown hole where a pond should be as well as lots of prime mosquito breeding stagnant water. there are now mountains of dirt in the field beside us where my brother is building his house and oh how my boy loves to play in the dirt! so its only natural for him to get into something.

or maybe I let him watch cartoons that are just plain weird (funny? yes. really, really weird? yes. but you can find an explanation here).

or maybe…. he’s just a normal boy.

because that’s what kids do right? they explore themselves and everything around them! and have wonderful imaginations! and great adventures where they catch their first fishes with their dads…

and they make their mother’s shake their heads in wonder and awe.

its often on a daily basis I wonder whether other little boys do the stuff that he does. because I need to know that I am not alone!!!!!

and because I always say he’s just like his father, here’s a few words from Brad Paisley that seemed just perfectly fitting for this post….

hahahahaha – please note that Brad Paisley is NOT his father!


he falls asleep reading a book!


They were playing at every craft show my mom and I hit up this weekend.

I love craft shows but wow I feel like this year is just flying by. maybe its the anticipation of all the things I’ve had and have going on this year surgeries, illness, milestones, new words, and new babies expected! so to have Christmas not so much sneaking up on me but flying towards me as if on a bullet train… I start hyperventilating. and then I start spending money which brings us full circle to the craft shows.

thankfully I don’t attend the craft shows with the intent to buy them out its just something my mom and I do. as often as possible.

I didn’t buy much. In fact I mostly bought fabric (as usual) but I did pick up a few treats…

(This has the most incredible pine candle in it)

(Mmm, fudge)

(Fantastic fabric one)

(Fantastic fabrics two)

And then I came home and started working on another quilt…
Step one, cut a million little squares and sew them to larger squares.

Step 2 cut all the corners off.

Step 3 iron into squares

And this is partially what it looks like put together. Maybe tomorrow I will get to post the finished top but don’t hold your breath.

This past week my mom finally got the results from the lumpectomy and the surgeon was very pleased.

The tumor was diagnosed as Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS). It is the most commonly found type of breast cancer and is considered non-invasive.This is the good news.

There are several websites devoted to breast cancer but I averaged a few and they all said relatively the same thing…

“When you have had DCIS, you are at higher risk for the cancer coming back or for developing a new breast cancer than a person who has never had breast cancer before. Most recurrences happen within the 5 to 10 years after initial diagnosis. The chances of a recurrence are under 30%.” – quote from the website linked.

The bad news: this is what happened to my mom over 10 years ago. The cancer came back about 5 years after her first lumpectomy.

Mom hadn’t had the radiation treatment then but this time her options are different. The surgeon was different. The surgeon was AWESOME. She is such an amazing lady and I am glad my mom was able to get treatment from her. She was so informative and comforting. She was straightforward and open. She was optimistic.

and mom is optimistic.

I’m going to try to be. Not that I am going around all doom and gloom but  its hard to forget what happened last time. I don’t want to see her go through that again. ever.

but overall this is a good thing. a very good thing.


One of the best things in life is that you never know how it will turn out. sure you can plan and educate and steer yourself to where you’d like to end up but how many of us really and truly get everything they’ve always wanted? It is the quintessential mystery. The ultimate surprise. That being said it can also be one of the worst.things.ever.

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer today. For the second time in her life.

How it is even remotely fair that she’d have to go through the pain and uncertainty cancer brings once but twice now?

I can’t fathom what goes through your head when you are told you have been diagnosed with cancer. I can imagine it would be like an old movie with images of your life so far and blurry glimpses into an uncertain future. Thoughts about the people most important to you and the ones you haven’t met yet. And the ever present question Why?

Why me?

I have my own questions Why? Why her? Why now? Why ever? I will probably never know the answers and she might not either. chalk them up to more of life’s unanswerable questions and unrelenting uncertainty.

The only thing I can be sure of right now is that life will continue.  You shuffle the cards life is throwing at you and deal. You plan parties for 3-year-olds and baby showers. You celebrate first anniversaries and the excitement of a new baby. You keep moving forward and you deal.

Life might be uncertain but I am not. We will get through this together.  

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