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And then I made another….


Any lumberjacks in the area care to donate their shirts? Mid 30’s hipsters also allowed.

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  • It's all well and good to try the new fad drinks from the liquor store until you find yourself getting day drunk all by your onesie, savvy? 2 days ago
  • RT @EmrgencyKittens: yawns are contagious 2 days ago
  • Teacher re: boy: he's a model student, polite, helpful while at school. Clearly he's only capable of this for 6hrs/day Mon-Fri w/ wknds off. 1 week ago
  • Boy: why isn't there a kid's day? Me: that's every day. Boy: I don't get gifts every day *says the boy carrying the giant tub of Lego 1 week ago
  • 6 wknds of craft shows 4 wks of night classes 9 wks of online course 2 school trips 1 fun fair + whatever shifts I work in between = insane 3 weeks ago

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