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I’ve seen many pins on Pinterest about turning old t-shirts into other things like tanks, quilt squares, onsies but I had never attempted anything like that myself….no time like the present! So I packed up the 15mo and headed off to Value Village in search of some “cool” old tees that would make a fun tank top.

I found a sweet black tee with the Atari sign on it and another that simply said “confusion”. I’m sorry I passed on the homemade picture tee with two dogs on it, their names Maggie and Ivy written on the bottom, because when I went back today it was gone insert sad face. Seriously though, who else would have wanted that??? And why haven’t I met them yet since obviously we are kindred spirits!

Going to VV two days in a row is not unheard of for me but wouldn’t have been necessary at all had I not shown the tees to my DH who then claimed them as his own! Of course.

So there I was, no shirt but the strong desire to turn something ANYTHING into a tank top. I looked at the pitiful pile of shirts I call a wardrobe and nothing was jumping out at me. I almost gave up then remembered the pile of unwanted items I had set aside for donation and jackpot! The Juno shirt! I was pregnant for Halloween two years ago and wore the obligatory Juno costume, nobody on our route seemed to understand…..I prefer to think they’re the ones losing out because of their lack of excellent cinematic viewage. Is viewage a word? Probably not…..just go with it mmmkay?

So anyway…..I started out with a plain baseball shirt


And cut the sleeves off


Okay so I may have forgotten to take a picture before I cut the sleeves off so I faked it……

Then I cut the edge of the sleeves off to use as straps


I saved the rest of the sleeve to turn into edging but I liked the rough cut formed by my scissors and the leftover serged seam.

At this point I was ready to attach the straps but Ralph thought I needed a hand paw



I just used a simple straight stitch to attach the strap but I may rip it out and use a zigzag/straight combo for better strength.

And then I was done!

But of course what project is complete without proper inspection?




It has the Cheese seal of approval 😉


Halloween is approaching once again and the fun of costuming my willing little partner began…

He had a hard time choosing this year jumping back and forth between Mario to a “Transpormer” and then to Spiderman and Thor (only because of the giant hammer!) and back to Mario…… I had to step in.

My mother and I went on a scouting visit to Value Village to see what was available there for a feisty five year old. I discovered that unless I wanted him wielding swords, hammers, knives or any other weapon I needed to keep looking and that’s when I found the used costume rack for kids (YAY! for people who take care of stuff!). I found a Mario costume in really good condition for only $5.99. Sure it was missing the hat and fake mustache but like that would stop me! So after purchasing the costume and some black makeup for a mustache we were off to Fabricland.

And $10 later we had a pattern and some material.

I took a few pictures of the progress….






Don’t let the pictures fool you, this pattern was a bitch to follow for a non-patterny person such as myself, but I muddled my way through and the end results are fantastic.

Costume and Makeup – $6.50
Hat pattern and fabric – $10
The boy’s pure awesomeness – priceless.


*Burda Kids pattern 9507 “D”
*Boiled Wool, red.




From the mad scientist.

So today while perusing the various news stories the interwebz has to offer I came across this gem about another book into movie franchise coming to fruition. Well actually this was the original story I read but I have a tendency to Google things to double check info.


How excited am I???? You have no idea. Normally I can’t stand to watch Stephen King movies because the books are always so much better, not to mention I detest horror films but this series is something else. It’s like long lost family to me. It took me several years to read the entire series due to work, school, and life in general but when I came back to it I finished it with a vengeance. I kind of feel bad about not reading the whole series together but when I did get back to it and picked up book 5 it was like I hadn’t lost a day. I read 5, 6 and 7 so fast I actually had to reread a few chapters because I felt like I may have missed something. And despite my hesitancy about SK’s books into film (not that they aren’t good, just not my thing) I can see Ron Howard creating something great. Because he is great. And he makes great films. And therefore it has to work. it just HAS TO. because if it doesn’t I might loose some faith in RH and I don’t want to do that. I wouldn’t lose faith in SK. He has been part of my life since I read The TommyKnocker’s when I was 12 and it scared the shit out of me. seriously. But I had to have more and I have been reading his work ever since. I’ve even reread that book several times and it still creeps me out but I think its because I see it through my 12-year-old self. So here I sit excited and anxious and wondering if I will be able to get up the nerve to go see it in a theatre instead of waiting for it to come out on DVD so I can watch it during the day with all the lights on. I’ll let you know when the time comes.

Also on the internets this week are constant reminders that my favourite season is upon us.


I love fall.

I love going apple picking on crisp days.

I love watching as the woods surrounding our house turn from lush to gold and crimson.

I love the smell and look of fields of pumpkins waiting to be turned into jack’o’lanterns.

I love having to start layering clothes so that I can stay toasty warm but my nose and cheeks get rosy.

I also love Halloween.

I found this craft site while searching out some ideas for trick-or-treating this year. Not that anything could possibly tear me away from carving up a few punkins and roasting their innerds but these pumpkin jars have definitely hit my LOVE button. I am currently scavenging my house in search of some jars to desecrate with orange paint.

I don’t think a costume will be a problem this year if only I can find a miniature lab coat…

Can you see the mad scientist in him trying to break out?

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