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It’s like the tree has given us a gift of purse! But really I just forgot to take a picture of my finished project as usual so I tossed it up there on a whim. I probably should have at least picked a limb low enough to get the details on the bag!

I made this for my SIL. She had seen the one I made for myself ages ago and asked for one. She provided the pants, yes, pants, I did the rest.

This is a purse made from a pair of cords. She provided a black pair and I dug through my stash and found a fun butterfly patterned piece big enough for the lining. I lined the inside of the handles with the same material and decided at the last minute to make a belt for it as well. The waist size of the pants determines the size of the bag so this wasn’t a large one, about a 6 maybe. I didn’t put any interior pockets but could have as there ended up being more room than I anticipated. It is meant to be a forearm bag only because of the short handles.

I handed it off to many thank you’s, great job’s and wow you should make these for money! but honestly I prefer blankets.

And now I need to get back to the blanket I have been procrastinating over because as usual I am running short on time!


I made this quilt top 2 weeks (3?) ago with the intent of finishing it by now.
It didn’t happen.
The middle of the sandwich is just too thick for my sewing maching. At least until I get myself a walking foot, something I should have purchased AGES ago.
so after hours of frustration I gave up and made this one in half a day.
I will not make the same mistake twice and this one has the potential of getting done in a few days now that I am horrendously beyond the deadline I gave myself.

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