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I made this today on a whim.

It’s a perfect little boy blanket with a cotton dinosaur print on one side and fleece on the other.

I considered just making it a duvet but decided to finish it off after I flipped it right side out. I stitched it all the way around to give it a nice edge without having to bind it.


Seriously simple, seriously cute!


My boy the ladybug…er…boybug


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  • Kids outside being all loud and obnoxious. Me inside happily aware of their whereabouts without having to get up. #mumistired 1 week ago
  • RT @IHLaking: If you need some positivity in your newsfeed today, here’s Bradley the baby kangaroo practicing his first hops at a kangaroo… 1 week ago
  • Teaching a millennial how a tape deck works.....I've never felt so old as I do right now. #whendid40getsoold #whydonttheyknowstuff 2 months ago
  • Recognizing International Women's Day by binging Season 2 of #JessicaJones. 6 months ago
  • Wood burning creates a dry heat atmosphere conducive to static electricity. The cats are never impressed when a boop turns into a shock. 7 months ago

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