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I don’t know about you but every time I go into the fabric store I hit up the remnant bin almost immediately. Seriously, I’ve never gone in there without scoping it out. And I’m always digging everything out to see what possible treasures could be hiding down at the bottom. It’s a great place to get good chunks of white material as that is a staple “colour” and there is never less than 4 white remnants in the bin at any time! unless you’re there after me……

I was pleasantly surprised on my last visit to find the remnant bin was 50% off. You just did a little cha-ching noise in your head didn’t you? It’s okay, I did too. For whatever reason the bin itself wasn’t marked 50% off so when the sales lady told me about it I totally felt like I was getting a secret deal that nobody else was privy to because you know that happens ALL THE TIME. I may have spent more time than normal at the bin that day and when I came upon this pretty blue print marked $1.80 I couldn’t pass it up. I didn’t even care that it was less than half a metre, I liked it! And how do you say no to material for 90 cents?

It was a happy surprise to find it was smocked material because I’ve been wanting to make the girl a dress out of pre-smocked material every time I see the stuff at store, yet I’d pass it by each time. For one reason it’s always adult size which obviously wouldn’t work for a 15mo and the other was the print patterns are not that great. Well some “would do” but nothing ever jumped out at me.

I never actually look at the sizes written on the remnants because measurements mean very little to me. For whatever reason I cannot wrap my head around them feel free to furrow your brow at me now and therefore just “eyeball” things. When I make blankets I use whichever bed in the house that suits my design (crib, single or queen) as measurement. And it’s turning out the same for dresses apparently.

When I unwrapped the remnant I found just a smidge over a quarter metre


Being designed for women’s fashion I had to chop it up in order to make it work for my teeny girly


I folded the elastic smocked top in half over itself and cut along the fold, trimmed off the bottom geometric design to use as straps and then folded the bottom flowing part in half over itself and cut along the fold here as well. This gave me 4 sections to reattach to go with the design in my head.

I started by reattaching the loose smocking and linen together to form the back of the dress. I used this stitch __/\__/\__/\__ and just randomly bunched the linen section as I moved along the smock trying desperately not to stretch it as I went. It turned out well.


I then pinned the sides together and sewed them together using a zigzag stitch on the smocked top sections and switching to a straight stitch for the bottom. My little apprentice was helping at this point.


I forgot to take pictures of the straps! But I folded them each in half and sewed them right sides together, turned them right side out and attached them front and back. I also turned up the bottom and straight stitched around to give it a nice edge

I think it turned out well but this kid is adorable in everything! AND it cost less than a dollar to make! That might be a personal best.


*After she wore it I decided I wanted to redo the straps and either add some elastic to them or just shorten them. I haven’t decided which would be a better a better fix.*



It’s like the tree has given us a gift of purse! But really I just forgot to take a picture of my finished project as usual so I tossed it up there on a whim. I probably should have at least picked a limb low enough to get the details on the bag!

I made this for my SIL. She had seen the one I made for myself ages ago and asked for one. She provided the pants, yes, pants, I did the rest.

This is a purse made from a pair of cords. She provided a black pair and I dug through my stash and found a fun butterfly patterned piece big enough for the lining. I lined the inside of the handles with the same material and decided at the last minute to make a belt for it as well. The waist size of the pants determines the size of the bag so this wasn’t a large one, about a 6 maybe. I didn’t put any interior pockets but could have as there ended up being more room than I anticipated. It is meant to be a forearm bag only because of the short handles.

I handed it off to many thank you’s, great job’s and wow you should make these for money! but honestly I prefer blankets.

And now I need to get back to the blanket I have been procrastinating over because as usual I am running short on time!

The twins were turning one! Originally I was going to make two completely different blankets but I just ran out of time. Mostly because I have a major procrastination problem and at the time a bit of creative block. And while I liked the final outcome I feel like I rushed it and therefore I didn’t do as good a job as I could have.

Also, I have hardly any pictures of the process because I killed my previous phone. Drowned it actually, and all the pictures with it. It was a sad time. I did post a picture or two here before I took my phone for a swim but it hardly shows much.

At one point my bff Michelle said we should spend a crafty day together and I was all hells yeah! She may be regretting that now because I made her work like I owned sweatshop. We spent a feverish five hours working on this thing, her pining seams and ripping out the ones that couldn’t be persuaded to line up, me sewing them all back together. Her ironing. Me sewing. It was madness!! And then it was done! well the top anyhow.

I like to make my quilt sandwiches on the floor because it is the biggest area of free space that I can lay out the whole thing. And since my mother (lives right next door, is a better housekeeper, can be coerced into helping and until recently didn’t have a dog walking all over her house) has a really nice big floor space I tend to go there for the sandwiching process. There was more ironing and then taping and ironing and arranging and arranging and finally, pinning. We had at least 150 pins in it and needed more! Except I didn’t have any more note to self: you still need to buy more pins! and then it was time to bring M back to the train station so I was on my own for the quilting.

I made it about halfway when I knew there was no way I could ever finish it, and make an entire new quilt in the next 12 hours. I had failed the deadline miserably. So I stepped back, spread the quilt out and looked at it. Then I did some measurements and realized that I could cut it completely in half and finish at least the quilting on each. and then both girls would have a present, finished or not!

After finally completing the binding I was in such a hurry to get them delivered I forgot to take pictures! (major facepalm!) but I knew where they were going and it gave me an excuse to go visit the girlies at the same time.

So here they are, sort of, the end results of my (and M’s) blood, sweat, tears and time:



to make more blankets like this.



I’m very happy with how the back turned out. I’ve never tried to incorporate blocks on the backing before. it always looked so difficult it scared me but I bit the bullet and just went for it. I kinda like it!



I totally love the edging on this. I made up one extra strip and then cut it into 1.5 inch sections, sewed them together in a repeating fashion. It turned out fantastic.



I am very proud of this blanket. Its the first project that doesn’t have some “major” newbie flaw in it. It makes me feel like I’m actually improving! I like it!

They were playing at every craft show my mom and I hit up this weekend.

I love craft shows but wow I feel like this year is just flying by. maybe its the anticipation of all the things I’ve had and have going on this year surgeries, illness, milestones, new words, and new babies expected! so to have Christmas not so much sneaking up on me but flying towards me as if on a bullet train… I start hyperventilating. and then I start spending money which brings us full circle to the craft shows.

thankfully I don’t attend the craft shows with the intent to buy them out its just something my mom and I do. as often as possible.

I didn’t buy much. In fact I mostly bought fabric (as usual) but I did pick up a few treats…

(This has the most incredible pine candle in it)

(Mmm, fudge)

(Fantastic fabric one)

(Fantastic fabrics two)

And then I came home and started working on another quilt…
Step one, cut a million little squares and sew them to larger squares.

Step 2 cut all the corners off.

Step 3 iron into squares

And this is partially what it looks like put together. Maybe tomorrow I will get to post the finished top but don’t hold your breath.

The definition of earthquake? Mother Nature is pissed. Probably at BP oil just like the rest of us.

As if there was an earthquake in Ontario. Canada! at 1:41pm today. apparently Toronto and Ottawa are both along natural fault lines. Who knew? Besides the USGS and probably people who know random facts.

I had always wondered what it must feel like, especially after Haiti. I would think about it quite often, about those poor people, wondering what would happen if that occurred here. obviously that was significantly larger than our 5.0 but still. I had the strangest feeling of unease. Sitting at my desk at work feeling the building sway wondering if I was imagining it. And then as my brain was moving beyond the shock of it, it was over. Must have been about 15-20 seconds. Yeah, I was a little slow today.

Then of course it was EVERYWHERE on FB and twitter. what can I say, that’s the most excitement we’ve seen around here in a while. and yes I understand how ridiculously sad that is.

And now as if to confirm I was spazzing and there was no actual earthquake the Smarties people are bringing back blue by using an electric blue talking alien cat.  first of all WTF? and second, why the hell did you get rid of it to begin with?

I’m not the only one seeing this right?

what was I talking about? right, Mother Nature will spite you BP.

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