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I made the girl some undies! ACTUAL UNDERWEAR! I was so intimidated by the prospect of making them I almost didn’t, in spite of buying a bunch of different materials to do so. For some reason I didn’t see them as an easy project but they SO ARE! Well, unless you’re me.

I searched online for a free tutorial as always and came across this little gem of a site which seemed to be perfect. For whatever reason I cannot link directly to the page I printed off, I work off my phone and it keeps wanting to download instead of open. Clearly my phone and I are having a lack of communication. I liked it best because the author wrote about them fitting an 18mo that weighted about 12kg. My daughter is just 15m, 9kg but I figured I could adjust them.

The pattern and tutorial is beyond easy, except I decided I wanted them to look a little different so I took a hard right at easy and travelled on to difficult Wtf was I thinking and why can’t I just leave things be city. So while I started with the basic pattern provided by The Nappy Network and the end result looks similar, I did not follow the tutorial at all and in fact cut up the pattern to suit my wants.

I cut out the pattern and then chopped it up into three sections, front, back and middle crotch areas, as well cut the waist and leg bands and then just laid them out nice for the picture

I used a combination of upcycled t-shirt and new jersey knit 50% off remnant y’all materials.


I started by attaching the back to the crotch section



Then I needed to attach the front to the crotch area which is how we ended up in difficult city and it gets confusing. I had to twist the material in a way that allowed me to sew the seam but not have it inside out. Basically I wanted the seams hidden. I am not even going to ATTEMPT to explain what I did because that would be disastrous.




Ta-Da! Honestly I am not even sure how I was able to get my over tired brain around that scenario but it happened and I was ecstatic. Two hidden seams! Just like the real store bought made in Taiwan or wherever kind!!! Yes I did do a little Yay me! happy dance at this point.


After sewing both sides together (right sides facing) it was time to pin the band for the leg openings and the top and that’s my bed because Thor :The Dark World was on and I so was not missing some Thor-Loki action to sew a pair of gitch.



I put a band of elastic in the waist but forgot to take a picture of that part….my bad just Google it, it’s totally easy. And there you have them!


I blind sewed the leg holes and next time I will not. I am not a fan of how they look. True to my nature I will in all likelihood take the leg bands off and sew them back on with a regular zig zag or some other, maybe this __/\__/\__

I think they turned out well! Maybe a bit big since they fit well over the diaper! so some minor adjustments will be made for the next pair, including changing the style a bit!


Poor Mowse has been here for a few weeks now but I had yet to take the time to make some fun stuff for her cage.



I want to attempt a hanging tunnel but for now she gets a simple toy with a bell and a hammock.



I’m not sure she’ll like either one but she did check out the hammock when I was hanging it. I put a few pieces of food in there to further entice her although I doubt I will see her use it anytime soon as she still doesn’t come out much during the day.

I really wasn’t sold on the idea of a rat living in my house but sometimes even I have trouble saying no to my boy. I do like rodents though and she’s pretty darn cute with her big ears, also the boy is truly enamored with her.


Tonight my boy’s world almost came crashing down when we couldn’t find his most beloved stuffy: little dog.

Little dog is black with a tan muzzle and long ears.

Little dog has a red collar and he fits into the palm of my hand.

Little dog is a miniature pound puppy.

Can you picture him?

The fact is you probably wouldn’t look twice at him if you saw him laying about but I never leave the house without checking for him at least once.

Two days ago he disappeared.

In the back of my mind I braced for the crying fit I thought sure would happen any moment but it never came. The boy still had two out of three of his golden trifecta of stuffies: his GP and his cat. They occupied him enough to not ask about Little Dog while I discreetly searched the house.

Tonight however my luck ran out.

Having last seen it in his room I decided it had to be in there somewhere. I removed my little sad boy from his bed (he was sitting cross-legged with his lower lip stuck out) and started peeling back the layers of blankets. Previously searches under the bed and in his closet revealed no dog.

And guess who I found!!!

There between the Dukes of Hazzard sheet and a quilt my grandmother made, kicked way down to the end of the mattress, was Little Dog.

Me: look who I found!
Boy: my daw! loo daddee loo! mama fow-n my daw!
Me: okay, you and dog can go to sleep now.
Boy: o-tay.
Me: love you.
Boy: wuvvu mama, tanku for fining my daw!

There’s nothing like the honest gratitude of a 3-year-old to melt you into a puddle.


he falls asleep reading a book!


My boy went on his first ever fieldtrip today with his daycare. They go out on little outings here and there but this was different. This required a signed permission slip! It was a milestone and I didn’t go.

His father didn’t go either.

Right now you might be thinking well don’t you guys just suck and thanks for that but the reality is that we are a work to survive family. I don’t how other people do it living off of the same or even less than us. of course they probably have better saving/spending habits.

so if you are thinking that we let our baby go on the trip alone you’re crazy!

I have a very reliable mommy stand-in in the form of my mother. mei-mei (pronounced may-may by the boy). someday he might get around to calling her memere but I doubt it. especially when I purposefully call her mei-mei.

I wanted my mom to go on this trip for three reasons. One-she is his preferred stand-in for mama and two- she goes in for her first stage cancer surgery on Friday and I constantly feel like I need to keep her as distracted as possible. what better way then to send her to an apple orchard with a bunch of kids! besides, they had fun!

Also my boy got to ride on a big boy school bus which he loved.

And reason number three…I have constant reminders at home that my baby is quickly turning into a big boy so I don’t need a fieldtrip to show me. The main one being this bed, which used to be a crib, that is no longer adorned with cute fleece blankets and bunting.


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