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One pillow, with circular cut-out, cream on blue. I used a basic, 14×14 pillow form and canvas materials. The pattern was close enough on each fabric that it almost matched. I quite loved this pillow.


One prefab baby blanket. I am not usually a fan of these because the “creative” work is already done, but how cute is this? I machine quilted and hand sewed the binding. New and recycled materials were used for this project.


Both of these items were donated to a fundraiser to be auctioned off to raise money for the revitalization of a local town park. I hope they do well!


Do you Pinterest? She asks.

I should have said, ” no, what’s that?” just to hear her describe it.

Go on my boards, there is a cool carseat blanket that I’m sure you could make.

Yeah, I could.

And did! Sort of. More like I looked at the pin, formed a picture in my head and slapped some scraps together to see what I could come up with.

I didn’t even take pictures! Not terribly sure why. I was feeling a little rusty sitting at the sewing machine though, so that could be part of it. But still! No before and during, just after. That’s rookie stuff right there!

Oh well, it was a half-assed attempt with scraps of material that just happened to work out as planned…..for once.





And she’s just perfect!






And growing it is!

Also kicking and punching and dancing and doing somersaults…..

After 5 years of not being pregnant you tend to forget some stuff…

….like how horrible it is to be nauseous constantly for at least three months straight.
….like how because of the nausea/gag reflex you can’t eat or drink or brush your teeth properly some days.
….like how your bladder seems to decrease in size and you feel like it will explode if you don’t pee every hour.
….like how you gain a better sense of smell than a bloodhound and most of those smells will make you want to vomit.
….like how you could sleep for days and still not feel rested.
….like how the prenatal vitamins are so large you feel like you’re swallowing a continent.
….like how those continents periodically go sideways in your throat and hurt like hell.

After 5 years you tend to forget the annoying or uncomfortable stuff and romanticize things.

Although I am not sure that I really forgot as much as blocked it out. Some things have flooded back as I go along.

It’s definitely interesting how different this pregnancy is to my first. I was not as vomity with my son and I didn’t have cravings specifically but things just tasted way better (or worse!). He was not nearly as wiggly or active constantly, his movements came in short bursts. My breasts didn’t feel like punching bags!

In two days we will be at the halfway point to meeting our tiny dancer and I am already getting impatient. We found out we were expecting so early it seems like time has slowed down (normally not a bad thing I know!)

We had an ultrasound this week hoping to find out the gender but like everything else, it was the opposite of my first! My son was calm and relaxed and legs wide open showing his stuff, this baby would not cooperate, dancing and moving all over and deceptively keeping its legs closed and tucked up.

I feel like my children are going to be polar opposites.

Materials gathered….

Fabric taped to the floor and pins ready…



Machine sew on the edging…

Finished by hand (or paw)….


Paddington made a blanket (with a little help from me)

I’m not going to pretend that the boy is fully trained but by George I think he’s got it! And it only took two weeks. Or was it three? No, this is week three….I’m sure of it ….. I think. Life has been very full recently with the early arrival of the newest member of our family, work, Christmas, car problems, road trips, and my boy changing before my eyes! just to name a few…

I almost feel like all the angst I had was for naught. What the heck was I so frustrated about again? Right, he didn’t care! but we’ve come full circle from that child!

Week 1
I pack at least 7 changes of clothes for daycare and he goes through all of them. He has no idea why he’s so wet all the time. He doesn’t tell anyone he’s got to go. He doesn’t tell anyone when he has gone. He is totally blindsided by the no more diapers regime we’ve adopted and honestly I think he’s trying to wait it out to see who will give in first. We end the week as we began. (I almost give up.)

Week 2
At daycare he seems to be getting the hang of it. Hardly any accidents and he comes home with more dry clothes than wet. At home telling him when to go results in constant freak-outs, screaming, crying and fighting us when we put him on the toilet. Everything is so hit and miss  and everyone is frustrated. (I almost give up again.)

Week 3
Eureka! There are officially more successes than failures. seriously, it just happened over the weekend. And it finally dawns on me that I am getting trained as well. He hates (HATES) being told when to go and will fight you tooth and nail each time but give him freedom and watch him go. literally! He just hates to be told what to do. ever. (yes mom I know he’s just like me)

I have to tell you though the first time I heard the flush I panicked. OMG! what did he just do???

“what are you doing?”

“dun now.”

“done what?”

“me pee”

“seriously? it wasn’t a toy or something?”

(rolls his eyes at me) “mama! me pee!”

Potty dancing ensues. Cheering and clapping and congratulating! and then he walks off like its just the norm for him to be using a toilet like a “big people” and goes to play.

I would still love a little advanced warning now and then, especially if we are out shopping or something but believe me I will take what I can get! And I can’t get over how quickly he just got it. I suppose I really shouldn’t be surprised, he’s always been a very quick study. Show him once and he’s got it. He just had to make up his own mind to go for it.

So potty training on top of huge leaps and bounds with his speech and I almost have a little boy I don’t recognize. I better start taking more pictures of him!

and just for pure awesomeness, I leave you with a video of Elmo’s dad teaching him about the potty. (part of me loves the cuteness of this and the rest of me just likes it for the fantastic stash and sweater vest combo his dad is sporting)

*no copyright intended, all rights belong to makers/producers of Sesame Street.*

Having never tried to make a gender neutral anything before I hadn’t realized how hard it was going to be for me. I am blaming my sister-in-law for this (joking).

My brother and his wife have elected not to find out whether they are having a boy or a girl so the rest of us have to suffer wait patiently as well. I do not have patience. Ask anyone that knows me. So when I decided to make them a blanket for the baby I had no idea where to start.

I had quilters block (bad pun intended).

The first mistake I made was not having a clear plan. I generally make things off the cuff as a rule but normally I have some idea what I want it to look like when I finish. Sometimes I draw pictures to give the idea more of an outline but I lost my good drawing pencil. I think a certain 3-year-old had something to do with its disappearance but I’m not certain.

The first idea went down in flames. Pastel coloured flames. With teddy bears. And there was too much blue. Even though blue is her favourite colour it was too boyish.

I found some blue and green striped fabrics. Mixed them with the bears and the pastels and it was a mess.

I tried adding more green. more yellow. more white. nothing. every block I tried just looked more horrible than the one before. I needed to walk away.

I started digging through my fabric stash trying to put the baby blanket out of my mind and start work on something else when I fell upon this large piece of bright striped fabric I bought at Ikea in the summer. and thats when the lightbulb went off. I may not be able to make pastels work but I could definitely have fun with bright stripes!

But my quilters block hadn’t quite worn off yet because after making this…
I felt like something was still missing so I ended up ripping this apart as well.

And then I did this….
And I decided I liked it.

The blue still makes it a bit boyish but hey I have a 50/50 chance that they will have a boy! and I may still make something else if I get a chance to “see” the baby at the next ultrasound.

Have you ever felt like everyone you know is having a baby?

Okay so technically its not possible for everyone I know to be having a baby since half of them are men and well you just don’t see that very often…unless you’re Thomas Beatie. He’s had three!

Officially I know four ladies who are expecting. Two of these ladies are related and the other two I actually like. JOKING! Seriously though I am very excited for all of them! Especially the one who’s growing my niece or nephew! Oh yes, I am going to be an auntie! I can’t wait!

And I felt the need to make something that would fit in a crib so this is what I came up with….


its not done, this is just the top.


love the birdies.


and the polka-dots!


This will be the back…

And this was just too cute!

I know five ladies that are expecting and feel totally bad that I forgot one when originally writing this post.

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