I don’t know about you but every time I go into the fabric store I hit up the remnant bin almost immediately. Seriously, I’ve never gone in there without scoping it out. And I’m always digging everything out to see what possible treasures could be hiding down at the bottom. It’s a great place to get good chunks of white material as that is a staple “colour” and there is never less than 4 white remnants in the bin at any time! unless you’re there after me……

I was pleasantly surprised on my last visit to find the remnant bin was 50% off. You just did a little cha-ching noise in your head didn’t you? It’s okay, I did too. For whatever reason the bin itself wasn’t marked 50% off so when the sales lady told me about it I totally felt like I was getting a secret deal that nobody else was privy to because you know that happens ALL THE TIME. I may have spent more time than normal at the bin that day and when I came upon this pretty blue print marked $1.80 I couldn’t pass it up. I didn’t even care that it was less than half a metre, I liked it! And how do you say no to material for 90 cents?

It was a happy surprise to find it was smocked material because I’ve been wanting to make the girl a dress out of pre-smocked material every time I see the stuff at store, yet I’d pass it by each time. For one reason it’s always adult size which obviously wouldn’t work for a 15mo and the other was the print patterns are not that great. Well some “would do” but nothing ever jumped out at me.

I never actually look at the sizes written on the remnants because measurements mean very little to me. For whatever reason I cannot wrap my head around them feel free to furrow your brow at me now and therefore just “eyeball” things. When I make blankets I use whichever bed in the house that suits my design (crib, single or queen) as measurement. And it’s turning out the same for dresses apparently.

When I unwrapped the remnant I found just a smidge over a quarter metre


Being designed for women’s fashion I had to chop it up in order to make it work for my teeny girly


I folded the elastic smocked top in half over itself and cut along the fold, trimmed off the bottom geometric design to use as straps and then folded the bottom flowing part in half over itself and cut along the fold here as well. This gave me 4 sections to reattach to go with the design in my head.

I started by reattaching the loose smocking and linen together to form the back of the dress. I used this stitch __/\__/\__/\__ and just randomly bunched the linen section as I moved along the smock trying desperately not to stretch it as I went. It turned out well.


I then pinned the sides together and sewed them together using a zigzag stitch on the smocked top sections and switching to a straight stitch for the bottom. My little apprentice was helping at this point.


I forgot to take pictures of the straps! But I folded them each in half and sewed them right sides together, turned them right side out and attached them front and back. I also turned up the bottom and straight stitched around to give it a nice edge

I think it turned out well but this kid is adorable in everything! AND it cost less than a dollar to make! That might be a personal best.


*After she wore it I decided I wanted to redo the straps and either add some elastic to them or just shorten them. I haven’t decided which would be a better a better fix.*