And growing it is!

Also kicking and punching and dancing and doing somersaults…..

After 5 years of not being pregnant you tend to forget some stuff…

….like how horrible it is to be nauseous constantly for at least three months straight.
….like how because of the nausea/gag reflex you can’t eat or drink or brush your teeth properly some days.
….like how your bladder seems to decrease in size and you feel like it will explode if you don’t pee every hour.
….like how you gain a better sense of smell than a bloodhound and most of those smells will make you want to vomit.
….like how you could sleep for days and still not feel rested.
….like how the prenatal vitamins are so large you feel like you’re swallowing a continent.
….like how those continents periodically go sideways in your throat and hurt like hell.

After 5 years you tend to forget the annoying or uncomfortable stuff and romanticize things.

Although I am not sure that I really forgot as much as blocked it out. Some things have flooded back as I go along.

It’s definitely interesting how different this pregnancy is to my first. I was not as vomity with my son and I didn’t have cravings specifically but things just tasted way better (or worse!). He was not nearly as wiggly or active constantly, his movements came in short bursts. My breasts didn’t feel like punching bags!

In two days we will be at the halfway point to meeting our tiny dancer and I am already getting impatient. We found out we were expecting so early it seems like time has slowed down (normally not a bad thing I know!)

We had an ultrasound this week hoping to find out the gender but like everything else, it was the opposite of my first! My son was calm and relaxed and legs wide open showing his stuff, this baby would not cooperate, dancing and moving all over and deceptively keeping its legs closed and tucked up.

I feel like my children are going to be polar opposites.