Before I had the handsomest, most wonderful boy I was not one of those people that got super excited when someone told me they were expecting. I mean I would congratulate them and all but deep down….well lets just leave it at that shall we?

Anyhow, that changed after I had my own because kids just change you! I like to think that they mostly change you for the better and I can now honestly say I get excited when most people tell me they are expecting!

I’ve gotten excited a lot over the past couple months because there will be several new babies in my personal universe this year!

I might be a little biased about one in particularshe’ll be making her debut this summer but that’s okay because I’m the auntie! and aunties are supposed to get super excited!!

And sometimes aunties like me! make things for their babies. So I made a blanket of course! and really are you surprised by this?


Isn’t it cute?

I found this piece at Joann Fabrics when I went to visit one if my bff’s for a weekend. I have learned to curb my spending there after the first visit when I spent SO MUCH MONEY so I wouldn’t be broke five minutes after getting there! It is way too easy for me to spend money on fabric which is why I try my best to reclaim and that gets expensive!

I am sure I am not alone in this when I say the fabric speaks to me. I swear I’m not crazy. I mean I can literally walk around looking at fabrics for hours and not find a single thing that “feels” right while other times I know in two minutes.

I had picked out a half dozen other fabrics when I came across this one and the image of the finished project flashed through my mind. wow, I am not doing much to disprove the crazy theory am I? I put all the other bolts back.

I normally like to cut and piece but this was a first for me, starting with something that was already half done! I’m not going to lie, I liked the simplicity. But it was already SO cute, I only aimed to emphasize the cuteness.


I hope I was successful. I embroidered around the animals and the circles around them, finishing the sandwich off on the machine following the borders already in place and completing it with a pieced binding.

I procrastinated as usual but for once managed to finish something with time to spare by which I mean I wasn’t sitting in the driveway of the party location still sewing! which sadly has happened on more than one occasion.

So I made cupcakes!


They were awesome.