I am taking a short little course in hopes to get some new/fresh ideas of helping my boy deal with stressful situations. Most of you may know that my son has speech issues and we’ve been in therapy for quite a while now. Recently things have not gone so well and I am at a loss as to how to help him since nothing we’ve tried has worked. He just doesn’t want to do it any more and he shuts down or worse, throws a tantrum. So we are taking a break from speech for a few months for two reasons, one, in hopes that all he needs is a break and two, to try to repair the damage of speech becoming an “unsafe” environment for him. My kid is not normally a tantrum thrower. I mean, yes he will get defiant and angry if he is told no but he’s three, this type of situation is normally diffused with a “that’s enough” or” no means no” and we’re done. The situation with speech is not so easily defined because it comes from a deeper, emotional level. All my usual tricks don’t apply or he’s just to far gone to reason with, hence the class – I am learning to ask for help and I’m surprisingly not embarrassed to admit it. In fact, its kind of therapeutic. what it comes down to really is how far I would go to help my child and if it means admitting I don’t know everything so be it.

Part of the class involves discipline and diffusing situations so I post these questions and hope someone will start a discussion!

Do time-outs work for you?

How have you diffused a stressful or highly emotional situation with your child?