Monday morning my cat came home with a hole in her side.

a hole.

we are rather at a loss as to what could have caused this. she may have gotten stuck somewhere or she narrowly escaped being supper to some larger animal. hard to say since we don’t have her equiped with a camera although seriously how fun would that be to see the world from her vantage point? well, except of course for watching her fight off some crazed beast…

it was not so pretty to look at, the hole. it was roughly the size of a dime and deep enough to make my husband nearly vomit. he’s so handy to have around. I told him he had to help hold her so I could clean the wound and determine whether we would need to bring her to the vet.

picture a tall, slim but muscular guy, as quick to anger as he is to laugh and “tough”…. thinks of himself as the protector of the family…. got it? now picture this guy with his eyes closed, face twisted away, trying not to breath and gagging uncontrollably and this my friends is why it is easier for me to do things on my own! seriously.

I patched her up with some polysporin and a tensor around her belly to hold the swab and she’s doing fine. I was kind of concerned she might need stitches but the wound is healing fast and closing up nicely. She’s definitely not going back outside anytime soon and she seems okay with that. In fact she’s barely phased by it at all. weird.


Then, because heavin forbid life be boring around here the dog’s nose swelled up double its size over the course of the day. I can’t be sure about the reason for this either but I’m guessing that something bit him since he was fine yesterday and this morning, plus he was in his crate most of the day. He looks like he’s having an allergic reaction so it might have been a spider bite or the dummy ate that wasp I stepped on outside the door the other day, that wouldn’t surprise me. and we found out that Benadryl is the one thing he won’t consume (this is the same dog that chewed through the side of a wooden shed to get to some empty antifreeze containers – I may have forgotten the part about chewing through the shed originally). we used an old water cooler bottle to fashion a deterrent collar for our Dufus dog so he would stop scratching. he was scratching the fur right off his muzzle and he looks just horrible, bleeding and oozing everywhere. I didn’t bother to ask the husband for help on this one! I just used a wound clear spray and wiped his muzzle to clean him up. the husband gagged from the next room.


the Benadryl must be wearing off because he’s finally noticed the bottle on his head.