that would be weird but I would totally marry this music.
Mumford & Sons, Cadillac Sky, King Charles

and just to confirm, I love the music. Are you sick of hearing that yet? doesn’t matter, they’re my favourite band. and they totally rocked.

I was about 20 people deep so fairly close considering the massive crowd. there was one highly annoying girl in front of me to the left that I think was dancing but it looked more like she was either having some sort of epileptic fit. or she was doing an excellent impersonation of a bobblehead doll. she was seriously annoying but she loves the band also so she can’t be all bad.

they had some sound issues which basically just comes down to the venue not knowing the music of the bands they book well enough. M said the acoustics were okay but they could have been so much better in a different venue. agreed. but I still loved it.

I was a little shell-shocked over the whole thing after it was over because I didn’t know what to think then and it was my first concert in over 10 years but now that I’ve had time to romanticise it…there is nothing better than seeing your favourite band live.

next time I’m going to be in the front row.