My boy went on his first ever fieldtrip today with his daycare. They go out on little outings here and there but this was different. This required a signed permission slip! It was a milestone and I didn’t go.

His father didn’t go either.

Right now you might be thinking well don’t you guys just suck and thanks for that but the reality is that we are a work to survive family. I don’t how other people do it living off of the same or even less than us. of course they probably have better saving/spending habits.

so if you are thinking that we let our baby go on the trip alone you’re crazy!

I have a very reliable mommy stand-in in the form of my mother. mei-mei (pronounced may-may by the boy). someday he might get around to calling her memere but I doubt it. especially when I purposefully call her mei-mei.

I wanted my mom to go on this trip for three reasons. One-she is his preferred stand-in for mama and two- she goes in for her first stage cancer surgery on Friday and I constantly feel like I need to keep her as distracted as possible. what better way then to send her to an apple orchard with a bunch of kids! besides, they had fun!

Also my boy got to ride on a big boy school bus which he loved.

And reason number three…I have constant reminders at home that my baby is quickly turning into a big boy so I don’t need a fieldtrip to show me. The main one being this bed, which used to be a crib, that is no longer adorned with cute fleece blankets and bunting.