today is one of those days.

oh it started out okay.

the husband had an appointment and i had made previous arrangements to take him to said appointment. i would return to work later in the morning.

his appointment was pushed back.

no sense in going to work for an hour just to leave and drive over an hour to bring him to his appointment then go back to work. i informed my boss i wouldn’t be in until later than expected due to the change and that was that.

it was already after 1 by the time we got home so i decided to stay home and have lunch before going to work. no big deal right? i’m only going to get a couple hours in anyhow right?

missed a call from the boss.

then received a text asking me to call.

that’s never a good sign.

“what’s going on?”

i will always regret asking that. ALWAYS.

“what was going on” was that our entire week was just turned upside down and gone to hell. or should i say my entire week.

suddenly i have to become a miracle worker and perform them in a very short time frame. and oh yeah, any plans i had for the next day well those are cancelled also because my life is not important.

i don’t get paid enough for this crap.

lesson for the day: don’t piss of Monday. it will chew you up, spit you out and then kick your ass.

lesson learned.

if you need me i’ll be at work for the rest of my life.


I was listening to my music while working through my crap day when one of my favourite songs came in to the mix. it made me feel better and i thought i’d share.

cause this guy was having a crap day also but the rhythm is so soothing.