Its been a few days and looking back on the boy’s birthday hasn’t made it less impossible to believe.

To believe that time continues to speed by despite me pressing harder and harder on the brakes…

To believe the boy is now three…

To believe I could get so upset over weather and cancellations…

To believe in the end it would be my own birthday boy who would be missing the party…


The day didn’t start well. We had large black clouds and wind, really strong wind.

We had a feverish and pukey birthday boy.

I had no clear idea how many people were actually going to show up. and my brain wouldn’t stop. Did I have enough food? Did I have too much food? Will the kids get along? Will the adults get along? Will the entertainment show up? Will it be worth the cost?

I don’t like hosting parties. I will freely admit this now

I am extremely thankful we have such gracious friends and family that, despite Murphy’s Law working against me as usual, just went with it. We had a good day and there were no tears…well no tears from anyone besides me. At some point before the boy turns 4 I will get over the fact he is 3. I promise.

Also the boy will be getting a belated birthday present. I forgot all about this prefab character block that I had been holding on to forever and despite him LOVING Cars right now I thought I had better do something with it before he outgrows it.
This will be the front….

And this will be the back…

I wanted to finish it yesterday but the way this weekend has gone I’ll be happy to have finished it by the end of the week.