I stumbled upon a blog page one day posted by this lady who calls herself The Pioneer Woman. The page I happened across was a bunch of pictures she had taken messing with her basset hound Charlie while he was sleeping. I was smitten. Not only because I love bassets but because I have done the exact same thing to all my dogs at least once and thought ha! I’m not the only one! Not thinking much of it I started reading more of her blog and found myself quite amused by the pictures of her family and just the flow of her posts. Upon further inspection you could tell she had been blogging for quite a while. It just looked like the kind of blog that a person has spent a lot of time developing and cultivating…unlike my found a look I kinda liked and started writing one day blog. I also started reading her Black Heels to Tracker Wheels story about how she met and fell in love with her husband. Seeing as I am sucker for a nice butt in a pair of jeans and had also fallen madly in love with someone after just seeing them across the room I could kind of relate to this. I had the dates and heart stopping make-out sessions. I had the long kisses hello and the calls just to say goodnight. I had that so I could relate. I hadn’t thought anything other than this is a cute blog and where have I been that I haven’t come across it before? The more I read the more I smiled to myself and even laughed out loud a few times. Then reality hit and I had to get back to work so I closed the browser and went on about my business. I put it out of my mind until later that night.

Later that night
I opened a browser and googled the author, Ree Drummond and it was about that point that I discovered the haters. Well I suppose it’s not really fair to call them hater’s seeing as everyone is entitled to their opinion and opinions of people can change from good to bad in about 10 seconds. There were several posts about Ree being fake or people not believing the hype so to speak. Now keep in mind that I am coming late to this game. These next couple links are to blogs that were posted months ago. Seriously I feel like I just missed the big fight behind the gym in high school and I am standing at the edge of the crowd saying what happened? what happened?

The first post I read was written by a woman who is married with a couple of kids and runs a farm of sorts and I only say that because I haven’t read enough of her posts to know what kind of farm it is. The post was I call Bullshit! on Pioneer Woman. It was an interesting read and I get that it’s her opinion which she is obviously entitled to but she lost me when she started complaining about how they are struggling to afford to fix their furnace or buy medication for her husband. and if you dislike her so much how come you still have a link to the cooking section on her site? You’ve lost me. She’s also stopped writing on this blog it seems. She started up another about how to run a home business and hasn’t posted at thing on her first blog since the end of May. I am not sure what is up with that.

The next post I read was called Ree Drummond Who Should She Channel Next This post did little more than compare Ree to the various people she says are her heroines and the reasoning behind her changing those names time and again. It physically hurt to read this post. It is obvious that she doesn’t like Ree and if you dig enough and read enough posts you will eventually get down to the reason why she doesn’t care so much for her but ouch! seriously painful! because as much as she wants you to believe she doesn’t really care and this was just a personal opinion post the hostility that rolls off her words paint a different picture. I wouldn’t go so far to say she was “jealous” like some of the commentators do but there is more there than what she admits to. There just seemed to be a lot of passion considering she is trying to make you believe she is nonchalant about it. You need to read back to the time she met PW in person and the outcome of that meeting to fully understand. I can see why she passionately dislikes her. I do not begrudge her this.

There is also a site called The Pioneer Woman Sux not kidding y’all. But alas there are only 13 posts total on this site and the last one was  in May.

It was at this point I didn’t know what to think. It’s like I’d missed out on hearing all the latest gossip again. Seriously, you have no idea how little I follow the “hot” gossip around my home plate. Generally I have to call my friend who lives in a different country to get caught up on what is happening here at home. I am not joking. Regardless, I haven’t been following PW long enough to really form an opinion other than the pictures of Charlie make me smile and just because I like it for now doesn’t mean you have to. If you need me I will be scrounging around for something else that happened several months possibly years ago that I can blog about.

happy surfing people.