Have you ever done something you regret instantly?

And then it shows up on the interwebs? yeah, me to. Unfortunately I was the one that posted it and it was this…


I had this idea in my head and put it on paper and then even laid out the pieces before sewing. I kept thinking something just isn’t right. yet I continued to piece it together and it was just so wrong. I think I was hoping it was so wrong it would turn out to be right hey, sometimes that happens! but sadly that was not the case with this monstrosity. and sometimes I need to see something in its entirety before I can say, okay, that’s not going to work…moving on. and at least I am able to determine I am wrong and move on. so I ripped it apart literally the next night and proceeded to redo it.

I decided that it needed more of the same fabrics but also more of a plain colour to break them up a bit. I think I succeeded.


I am much happier with the way it looks now. it is so. much. better.