Of course I’m talking about Twilight, how did you guess? I don’t know what it is really considering how obsessed I became with it and so quickly too…and then I reread the books about 5 times again. I don’t know why so don’t ask I just did. Maybe I was hoping for something more, a different outcome. Maybe I just liked the way it took me away from the real world so easily. Or maybe I just really wanted to know what drew me and about 20 million other people into them to begin with.

I reread books all the time so why was this so different? Probably because I finally took the blinders off and saw the story for what it was. Its a great story for those looking for romance of the utmost extreme. And its a great story advocating abstinence and morals. But its also a story whose main character thinks she’s plain, and completely uninteresting. She tries constantly to blend into the walls and believes she is nothing without this “man”. She constantly allows him to tell her what to do, he lies to her repeatedly and its only after she runs off with another boy that he realizes he needs to be a little less controlling and that is pure fiction because real men don’t ever wake up to that notion. Eventually she grows into her own and by the very, very end you end up with a title character you can finally be a little proud of.

And I just keep getting disappointed with the movies. That’s not to say they aren’t entertaining or follow the general premise of the books but somehow the magic is gone for me. Maybe I’m tired of seeing Robert Pattinson mope and frown. do you know how cute that man is when he smiles? Or maybe its just gotten so big that it couldn’t ever possibly live up to the hype. Maybe its me. Maybe I just need to stop reading all the stupid reviews and opinions from haters and just see them as they are: entertainment and make-believe.

Or maybe, just maybe its the fact that crap like this sells and I want to be as disassociated as possible from people who want to eat off of “Jacob Black’s” face.