My ever determined boy has decidedly taught himself to swim. Literally he decided he was going to do it and he wasn’t going to let us help no matter what. In an attempt to keep his head somewhat above water we went scouting for floatation devices. It seems to be generally preferred that toddlers wear life jackets when in the water these days but have you ever tried to swim in those things? Right, you go nowhere fast. We found a waterwing/chest preserver combo but of course the one size fits all didn’t fit our “one”. It was a genious design and would definitely have kept his head further out of the water but I wonder how much it would hinder his arm movement. wings it is! and he loves them. He patiently holds his arms out for each one then runs to the ladder and jumps in. He even started putting his head under which is extremely surprising since he doesn’t even like to rinse his hair in the tub. He makes me wonder whether its self-confidence, trust that we wouldn’t ever let anything happen to him or if he’s just jumping in both feet with his eyes closed and hoping for the best.