This past Saturday I went to a reunion of sorts. It was a bunch of grade school friends who probably hadn’t all been in the same room for at least 10 years. At the same time that is. It was nice. Catching up on all the news, learning something new and retelling stories about what we knew of the ones that weren’t there. “So and so lives here now, and this person just got married, did you hear about so and so? when did that happen?”

There was a torrent of information, laughter, kids and food!

So much food. In all fairness there was supposed to be a bigger crowd and better weather but I think we did alright.  One of the kids was in the pool regardless that she could have stood outside and gotten just as wet but swimming in the rain is more fun I guess.  Most of the crowd has children and most were in attendance. A bunch of little mini-mes running around.

It’s an odd feeling being back in a room after such a long time with so many people who were so much a part of your life. Part of me felt like I didn’t belong. Part of me was frustrated that I was attending by myself as usual because my husband was working as usualIsn’t that point of getting married? so you never have to go to these reunion things by yourself? Will they like me? OMG it’s high school all over again. I’m to old for this.

It helps to see the humor in life and accept the life you are living. The regrets, accomplishments, the risks and success and when you really get down to it how much have we changed? Okay, we’ve changed a lot but the basics are still there. All the memories, good and bad, from years of school together. But perhaps that is why everyone feels a little uncomfortable? Knowing what we know about each other even if it was so long ago.

and because I am feeling so reminiscent and nostalgic I thought it required some musical accompaniment. I may have grown out of my fondness for them but this one is for my girls (the original 4 and all the others that loved them so)