The definition of earthquake? Mother Nature is pissed. Probably at BP oil just like the rest of us.

As if there was an earthquake in Ontario. Canada! at 1:41pm today. apparently Toronto and Ottawa are both along natural fault lines. Who knew? Besides the USGS and probably people who know random facts.

I had always wondered what it must feel like, especially after Haiti. I would think about it quite often, about those poor people, wondering what would happen if that occurred here. obviously that was significantly larger than our 5.0 but still. I had the strangest feeling of unease. Sitting at my desk at work feeling the building sway wondering if I was imagining it. And then as my brain was moving beyond the shock of it, it was over. Must have been about 15-20 seconds. Yeah, I was a little slow today.

Then of course it was EVERYWHERE on FB and twitter. what can I say, that’s the most excitement we’ve seen around here in a while. and yes I understand how ridiculously sad that is.

And now as if to confirm I was spazzing and there was no actual earthquake the Smarties people are bringing back blue by using an electric blue talking alien cat.  first of all WTF? and second, why the hell did you get rid of it to begin with?

I’m not the only one seeing this right?

what was I talking about? right, Mother Nature will spite you BP.