just finished reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer. I was hesitant at first because even though I like the Twilight series I didn’t particularly think it was that well written when compared to say JK Rowling (Harry Potter) which isn’t really fair considering they are completely different genres . It sounds odd  because I have actually read the series about 5 times through to say I don’t particularly like they way they were written but that’s what reading them multiple times will bring you to. You begin to pick out the bits and pieces that are troublesome to you or that don’t quite fit. I find she left a lot to desire. I don’t think she used nearly as much action as she could have, especially with Breaking Dawn. I’ve argued with people over which book was better. I always say Eclipse because that is where the action is. The only book where there is any in fact. It’s like she was afraid to go there because she was afraid to find out where it would take the series. I don’t blame her. The public was clamoring for an expected outcome and that is what she gave them. Kudos. But it could have been so much better.

When she came out with The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner I totally jumped on the bandwagon. It was so much better written. ps Mrs Meyer, a book about Fred would be fantastic! It was a fantastic little blurb about the other side. And it feels like she put so much more into it. I don’t know why. Perhaps because it’s the other side of things? I feel the same about Midnight Sun the unfinished and unknown whether it’s going to be novel about Edward’s point of view. I feel like that is what the stories needed, more vantage points other than Bella, even though it was through her eyes. Which is probably why I liked her writing style in The Host so much more. It feels as if she’s grown as an author and the story just has more grit and bones to it.

Even though it again is from main character perspective you get so much more because of the complexity of the character. It’s not fair to say she imparts her religious beliefs into the story lines but I can’t help but feel the undertones. It makes me wonder if she will outgrow this as well the more she writes. If she can step beyond that if that is what it takes to make the story go from a good read to a fantastic one. I will have to wait to see.  There was definitely more violence but it flowed well with the storyline and it would have been out of place if it wasn’t there.

I personally like the book. I hear it’s going to be a movie as well. Makes me wonder if she’s feeling any pressure about churning out yet another “book” for a studio audience. I haven’t read many reviews about it to see what her die hard Twilight fans think about it. Whether they honestly like it or if they just like it because the author of Twilight wrote it. I read books for the story, the fantasy., the ability to be in another place and time with the turn of a page. That’s probably why I liked the Twilight series so much to begin with, regardless of the issues I have developed over time I do still appreciate a good read. I can’t help but follow Stephenie Meyer’s work. Everyone has to start somewhere. Stephen King’s early novels are not among my favourites even though he is one of my all time favourite author’s. He just keeps getting better and I am hoping for the same from Ms Meyer.  I am also eagerly waiting to see if JK Rowling will ever venture away from HP.  It would be fantastic if she would.